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February 12, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

Hawaii on a Budget? It Can Be Done

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Like many people, you dream of visiting the Aloha State but think the cost puts this trip out of reach. While visiting Hawaii can be expensive, you can cut the cost significantly if you plan carefully. Timing is everything, as is location. You can take the family on a wonderful Hawaiian adventure and not return home a pauper.

If you visit Hawaii during prime tourist season, you’ll pay a lot of money for the privilege. You can travel much more cheaply during the offseason and still enjoy balmy weather and remarkable views. Experts recommend planning your trip during April, May, September or October in order to get the lowest price airfare and accommodations. Traveling around the holidays will cost you big time. You should also try and book your airfare weeks in advance of your trip, somewhere between 21 and 112 days before you plan to take off. Doing so will help you get the cheapest tickets possible. Use online search engines to help find the best deals.

You may be able to find combination deals that include hotel and airfare that fit in your budget. Travelers should also consider staying at a hostel or getting a deal through Airbnb. Be willing to sleep away from the beach area and take a bus or taxi when you want to swim or sun. Any real estate on the beach will take a significant bite out of your budget.

Hawaii offers many beautiful islands, each with their own particular attractions. Unless you have money to burn, though, you need to choose one and not island hop. The transportation costs skyrocket when you visit multiple islands. Pick the one that interests you the most or that offers the best deals and explore it. Use public buses to visit landmarks or to take in the many free island activities. You will save money if you plan a realistic first trip.

Hawaii is a dream location, one that is not out of reach for the average person. If you plan well and tailor your expectations to your bank account, you can enjoy a magical trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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