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Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated November 23, 2019

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iPhone X
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October 9, 2017

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The iPhone X boasts a spectacular design and build quality that puts it a step above the rest of the Apple lineup. The edge-to-edge display, virtual reality integration, facial identification technology, wireless charging abilities and high-performance processor makes this the most advanced phone to date. Unfortunately, since it is the most expensive phone Apple has ever released, acquiring the iPhone X could deplete your funds. With a bit of creative forethought, however, you can adopt this iconic phone as your own without spending tons of money.

Apple knows just how much its loyal supporters love to adopt the newest devices into their own personal collection. To facilitate this desire, the company allows you to take your eligible iPhone into the store, or send it through the mail, to receive a credit that offsets the cost of the newest device. The trade-in values scale with the phone version and condition. For example, the iPhone 6s Plus is currently at the top of the pack with a $260 trade-in value.

Your phone carrier may soon offer a discount or payment plan for the iPhone X device with requiring you to sign a long-term contract. Most carriers want you to commit to a two-year contract to acquire the best quality devices available on the market. You may have to wait for a deal to arrive, however, which could delay your acquisition of this iconic device.

If you are fine with waiting a bit, and do not want to sign a lengthy carrier contract, waiting for pre-owned or refurbished iPhone X devices to hit the resale market may be your best bet. Early adopters who found that the device did not meet their needs may put the phone up for sale on the leading web and local retail platforms in the near future.

As a safer bet, Apple offers Certified Refurbished products for sale after they undergo the thorough inspection and repair process. With this option, you can rest assured that the iPhone X you acquire will live up to the standards established by Apple. You will need to wait for previous buyers to return their damaged or defective phones before you start seeing the newest devices available for purchase.

By utilizing any of the above methods, you can acquire the new iPhone X without draining your bank account of your hard-earned funds. A creative approach to making expensive purchases will nearly always help you save money in the end.

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