Five Ways To Stay Thrifty Over the Holidays

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Last updated November 8, 2019
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November 6, 2019

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Holiday shopping is when everyone likes to show how much they love someone by maxing out their credit cards. You do not have to go into debt by showing how much you love your friends and family. You can strike a balance with these helpful tips below.

You need to have an action plan. Figure out how much you can spend on everything, including the shipping and postage if needed. Do you need to board your pet while you are away visiting relatives? You need money for that. Write a balanced budget and stick with the plan.

Do you know how Santa makes a list and checks it twice? You need to do the same. Figure out how much you can spend on each person. Every amount should be equal, or mostly equal. In other words, you cannot spend $50 on Joe and only $15 on Henry.

Modify Your List

You might have to go through a bit of “slashing and burning” along the way. There may be names you will have to scribble off. You might not be able to afford everybody this time around. You also might need to reduce the amount you spend on each person. Times are tough right now. You do not have to go into debt by showing someone how much you love them.

I know many of you like to pay for things with credit cards. I have made that mistake a few times myself. You get what you want, but you are stuck with a massive bill that has to be paid down.

Pay cash for at least some of the purchases. Once the money is spent you are finished.

Cash might not be the “popular” thing to do, but it will save you a lot of money.

What is wrong with e-cards? Do you have someone on your list who is close, but not close enough to part of the family? Send them an e-card and call it a day. You can find something for free, or, at most, pay a maximum of a few dollars. Make sure the gift is tasteful. You want to send something classy to the person. An e-card can be the perfect gift for a few people on your list.

Some people do not want or expect presents for the holiday. Sometimes we place the burden on ourselves because we feel we have to. Ask each person what they want. Someone on your list might just need help to get to the doctors and back. That is the perfect gift. Kindness and being there for someone is the gift that keeps on giving.

Final Thoughts

Before you put yourself into more debt, think about what is practical instead of what you can splurge on. Practicality wins every time.

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