Five Budget Friendly Ways to Treat Yourself

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated July 6, 2018

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July 6, 2018

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Living a thrifty life should not mean going forever without an indulgence. In fact, psychologists recommend that you splurge once in awhile, in order to develop a positive relationship with your money. It also helps you to enjoy your life.

Of course, all treats should come within financial limits. You can approach this one of several ways: creating a splurge “fund,” or simply savoring your daily coffee, for example. These five budget friendly ways to treat yourself are not only (nearly) free, but they are appropriate for just about anyone regardless of the size of their bank account.

Wherever you live, there has to be a block of small shops, a park, or a museum you’ve never explored. Consider taking an afternoon just to discover something new nearby. Remember, even shops are appropriate for browsing, so even if you leave with nothing more than a trinket you have given yourself a new experience.

Who doesn’t love food? While you may allow yourself the occasional to-go meal as a budget-friendly treat, many others may also get pleasure out of cooking. Look at your pantry ingredients and Google a recipe that uses them all. You may discover a palate twist you never knew existed or create a dessert you’ll love.

Libraries aren’t just for books. Every day, people use them to access movies and historical archives. If you are up for some new entertainment, check it out! While you are there, scan the list of upcoming talks and workshops. You never know what free event at your local library may pique your interest.

If you’re trying to save cash, shopping may seem like it’s against the rules. But by walking into a thrift store with a budget — try carrying cash and leave your cards at home — you can take advantage of those cool finds. To feel even more renewed, get rid of something old in your closet when you come home with your new purchases.

When the aim is to treat yourself, “do nothing” may feel like a cop-out: what’s so indulgent about that? But taking a few moments to yourself can make you feel rested and relaxed. Take a nap, meditate, write in your journal or just look at the sky — whatever you like to appreciate the time you have to enjoy your own company.

When you want to be thrifty, the main issue is awareness of your own spending. You can treat yourself as long as you appreciate the results and enjoy your time.

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