Excellent Side Hustles for Moms in 2021

Written By Marie Abendroth
Last updated May 10, 2021

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May 10, 2021

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After becoming a mom, there’s simply never enough time in the day or money in the bank. As you juggle trying to make money with caring for your family, it often seems like either chores or bills are piling up—if not both. Fortunately, side hustles offer a way forward by giving you a chance to make a few bucks whenever you have a moment. Ready to bring in extra cash without compromising on your daily tasks? Here’s a look at the top side hustles for moms in 2021.

By completing micro-tasks with Swagbucks, you can easily make a few bucks whenever you have a moment to hop on the computer.

To get started, you just need to create your account and start browsing all their tasks, such as:

· Watching video playlists

· Playing online games

· Searching the web

· Answering surveys

As you complete each task, you’ll earn points that can be turned in for gift cards for restaurants and stores. If you prefer cash instead, you’ll just need to have the funds sent to your PayPal account.

On MyPoints, you can earn money back on all the shopping you’re already doing each week. All you have to do is navigate through their online portal to shop with any of their 1,900 supported retailers.

Earning Points

As you make each purchase, you’ll earn points you can use to buy gift cards or turn it into travel miles for your United MileagePlus account. You can also trade the points for cash in your PayPal account or have it loaded on a Visa prepaid card.You may only get a few dollars back per purchase, but it adds up fast. In addition to getting cashback, you can get referral bonuses for encouraging other people to sign up.

If you love to write and share your experiences, capitalize on them by creating a blog. Start by selecting a niche you’re passionate about, such as parenting, pet care, or arts and crafts. Then, sign up for the free versions of WordPress, Blogger, or Wix to set up your website.

Monetizing the Blog

Once you’ve got that going, you can put up ads on your web pages by using AdSense or sign up for an affiliate marketing program. After that, it’s just a matter of writing up the content and taking photos to share with the world. At first, you may only make a few dollars per month. But as your visits increase, your income will follow.

If you’re well-versed in how the major social media platforms work, you can become a social media manager for small business owners. In this role, you will regularly post on their behalf to drive interest in their company and engage with their customers.

Content Calendar

The business owners should give you a content calendar to follow. Then, you just dream up the content and post it on schedule. After that, you’ll respond to comments and questions to create a solid rapport between the company and its clients. You will get paid a set amount per month for this service. The total depends on how much you have to post and interact with followers.

Do you love to go thrift store shopping and have a keen eye for potentially noteworthy items? If so, put that passion and knowledge to work by making it into a business. You’ll just need to hit up the thrift stores whenever you have time, which is even easy to do with kids in tow. As you browse the goods, look for things that are rare, popular, or worth a lot of money.

Selling Items

Once you have some things to sell, post them on eBay with great pictures and a clear description. As items sell, you just have to pack them up and bring them to the post office or UPS store to keep the money pouring in.

Whether you love crocheting or spend your free time making soap, you can make money from your crafting hobbies by selling your products online. Just roll out the crafting supplies whenever your kids are napping or otherwise preoccupied and build up a solid inventory.

You can then sell your products through social media or even set up your very own eCommerce store. Either way, set a fair price that covers your time and materials plus shipping to bring in a tidy profit.

You can sign up for TaskRabbit to put your skills to the test and help people with their projects. While working through their platform, you can choose from a wide variety of tasks, such as:

· Contactless delivery

· Prescription pickup

· Grocery shopping

· Housecleaning

· Yardwork

· TV mounting

· Furniture assembly

If you are watching littles and cannot leave the house, you can even do virtual tasks, like data entry and IT services. No matter the task, you can expect to make around $20 an hour on this platform.

If you’re already staying home with the kids, why not add a few more playmates to the group and make money while you’re at it? Many parents are looking for quality in-home childcare providers who can give their kids time to socialize, learn, and have fun.

Extra Costs

You can find them by setting up an account at Sittercity, Care.com, or through social media. When setting your rates, be sure to account for snacks, outings, and educational games. Most people charge between $5 to $10 per hour for each child depending on their age and care needs.

Even your most-used baby gear items never seem to get enough miles by the time kids grow out of them. So, after that happens, why not share the love and put them to work for you? If that sounds like a plan, then you’ll want to jet on over to BabyQuip to rent out your baby gear to other parents.

Put Those Baby Items to Good Use

By the time your kids reach school age, you’ll have a huge inventory of baby items to rent out, boosting your income potential by leaps and bounds. When you first start, you can expect to make around $600 per month. But it’s possible to make up to $5,000 a month as you build your inventory.

The amount you can make from each side hustle varies considerably depending on your skillset and demand in your area. So, don’t get discouraged if one doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Just try another option until you’re bringing in the right amount of cash for the time put into it.

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