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October 8, 2018

Don’t Lose That Summer Bod With These 3 Frugal Fitness Tips

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated October 8, 2018

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Over the fall and winter months, it can be tough to find the motivation to exercise. But you don’t need to hire a personal trainer to keep up your fitness level. There are some low cost ways to manage your diet, keep moving and maintain your health during those shorter winter days.

Your health insurance provider may provide perks. Those can include discounts on health insurance premiums for those employees who have gym memberships. Some companies also have partnerships with fitness retailers that can reduce your costs to stay in shape. In addition, your employer may support your health efforts with regular challenges and outings designed to keep people on track with their fitness goals. If such a program doesn’t exist already, see if you can start one.

Summer fitness is easy, because the warm weather makes it a joy to be outside and moving. Try to bring this joy into the fall and winter months. Since you can’t really play outdoor tennis or go to the beach when it’s raining or snowing, develop some fall fitness alternatives. Bundle up and take long walks in the cold weather. Use your gym membership in the evening when you’d otherwise be tempted to snack in front of the television. Sign up for a class to try to new type of fitness — your local community center likely has affordable options in a welcoming environment.

Moving is only one part of overall health. What you eat is another important factor. Many people are tempted to eat comfort food during the fall and winter months. Consider healthier alternatives that have fewer calories but still meet that need for a hearty meal. If you’re going to be buying different ingredients than you normally would, do a quick price comparison between grocery stores in order to get the most economical options.

The best way to maintain your fitness goals when summer ends is to focus on a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth. By integrating a balanced approach of moderate eating and regular movement, you can keep yourself in good shape until the winter breaks for spring.

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