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Credit Repair
December 7, 2020

Simple. Thrifty. Living. is one of the best credit repair services and is great for those who want a hands-on approach. It offers a wide range of services and includes many extras that most other companies don’t offer. It also offers an intuitive user interface that helps you track your progress, which is a nice feature.

The 7 Best Credit Repair Companies

RankCredit Repair ServiceBest ForMonthly FeeExpert Rating
1Lexington Law Credit RepairOverall Service$89.95★★★★★
2CreditRepair.comExtra Features$99.95★★★★★
3Sky Blue Credit RepairAffordability$79★★★★★
4The Credit Pros Comprehensive Services$69★★★★
5Credit SaintTransparency$79.99★★★★
6The Credit PeopleTrial Run$79★★★★
7Pyramid Credit RepairNo Initial Fee$99★★★ Review website Review image
  • Free Consultation: It can be easier to call at (844) 764-9863 so they can walk you through the steps, or you can sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: Popularity. This is one of the most popular credit repair companies, partly because of its name and many reviews, but also because it includes so many extras such as identity theft protection.
  • Price: It offers a top tier service at $99.95, which includes all of their bells and whistles, including identity theft protection and credit report monitoring. This tier of service offers the basics of credit repair (credit bureau challenges, good interventions, etc.) without some of the standard practices that other credit repair companies offer. (There is also a $14.99 charge to pull your credit reports.)
  • Features: This company offers the basics of credit repair, including good faith letters, fixing mistakes on your report and using loopholes to contest items on your report. It also communicates directly with furnishers and the credit bureaus to make sure changes have been made. In addition, they offer a personalized dashboard (like many online investment sites) and visual representation of your credit score to help you track your credit repair progress.
  • Cancellation: It’s services to repair your credit score are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Reputation: The company comes with a solid reputation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. On average, it reports a 7 percent decrease in the number of questionable negative items for its clients each month. See our full review here.
  • Guarantee: Just like Lexington Law, they will only charge you for the month once they have completed the work you agreed upon.
  • Customer service: It has a sleek user interface, which makes the need for customer service less, but their customer service is still solid.

Simple. Thrifty. Living. does receive compensation for some of the services that we recommend, although we have strict editorial guidelines and only recommend services that we truly believe are the reputable. website  |  (844) 764-9863

To help repair your bad credit and support your efforts to maintain credit worthiness, offers repair, analysis and monitoring services for a recurring fee.


You can sign up for their services on the phone via their toll-free number or online through their website. charges a one-time $14.99 fee to pull your reports. The re-occurring monthly service fee is $99.95. In compliance with government regulations, there is no contract. You may cancel at any time. If you are looking for cheaper options, sites like Credit Saint and Sky Blue Credit Repair are good options.

Services Provided

Credit Repair – This is part one and two of their three-step process, where they pull your credit reports, assess your credit situation, and contact companies and the credit bureaus, as required, to challenge unfair and inaccurate negative items and seek removal from your credit reports.

Credit Monitoring – doesn’t detail what this service entails on their website. They simply list 24/7 Credit Monitoring & Alerts as part of the services and tools they provide. They state that it’s powered by TransUnion. So, it’s likely that you will receive alerts when TransUnion reports any changes to your credit situation. This means you won’t be notified if Experian and/or Equifax makes a change to their credit history that are tracking your financial activity.

Education – The website contains an extensive library of articles and blogs that discuss credit related topics – like debt solutions, identity theft, score improvement, loans and savings. They also provide a score estimator calculator. This content is accessible to non-members.

Additional Features

The following tools and features are listed on the website for members:

  • Personal online dashboard
  • Mobile apps
  • Credit Score tracker and analysis
  • Dispute tracking
  • Text and email alerts
  • Website credit educational resources
  • Partnerships with other financial companies
  • Customer Service

Advisors are available to customers by email and phone. Phone hours for members are 8 am through 10 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Saturdays, you can call to speak with an advisor between 10 am and 7 pm EST and they’re closed on Sundays.

Satisfaction Guarantee? doesn’t offer a guarantee of services or refund policy for unhappy customers. They make no promises of results or services. On their website, they claim that this is representative of best practices and high ethical standards.

Potential Results makes no guarantees, but they do boast about their track record. Their website touts an average 40-point credit score increase on TransUnion over a four-month period. This is in reference to a 2013 study that showed an average of 11.6 negative item removals from all three credit bureau reports. The website also cites a study that revealed an average improvement of 70 points on TransUnion reports among members over a one-year period.

This company touts a simple three-step process to remove inaccurate and unverifiable negative items from a consumer’s credit reports.

  1. Pull credit reports from all three reporting bureaus and help you identify negative items you want them to challenge.
  2. Contact your creditors to request the information legally required to verify and substantiate your debts. Use any inaccurate or missing information to challenge negative items by communicating directly with the credit bureaus on your behalf. Perform follow-up services to confirm that the items have been removed.
  3. Support their customers’ efforts to maintain good credit history with educational information, credit monitoring, and online analytic and tracking tools for your credit situation.

It’s no surprise that the reviews chooses to display on their website are positive and glowing. But, to get a less biased picture of how their customers feel about their services, it’s necessary to read customer feedback spread across the internet.

  • Trustpilot – With more than 400 reviews, it currently boasts a 4-star rating on this review site and an 8.4 TrustScore out a possible 10. Seventy percent of the reviewers give it an excellent rating and fourteen percent deliver a poor to bad rating. Most of the complaints focus on how difficult it is to cancel the service. Others express dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service. It has posted a response to most of these negative opinions, and it appears that they try to help their unhappy customers once a poor review is posted. Price appears to be a concern and even their happy reviewers bring it up frequently.
  • Better Business Bureau – At the time of this review (October 2018), the BBB rating for was an A+. Unhappy customers complain about poor customer service and their dissatisfaction with the company’s ability to remove negative credit items from their reports. Positive reviews focus on the results they’ve seen from the service. The BBB also reports that a total of 88 complaints have been closed in the past 3 years and 24 of those transpired over the past 12 months. In the clear majority of these complaints, the details are unavailable.
  • Facebook – doesn’t have a very strong presence on Facebook and less than 30 reviews. Their rating on this social media platform is 3.6 out of 5. As with feedback on other sites, cancellation problems are a top complaint, followed by dissatisfaction with customer service, the high monthly fee and disappointment in the results of their credit repair services.
  • Others – There are a few scattered reviews on other sites on the web that offer customer opinions on this company. Star ratings range from 1.5/5 to 4/5 on these sites. Some customers complain that simply sends out form letters repeatedly to all their creditors. Their happier clients rave about the successful removal of negative items from their bad credit reports and the resulting boost in their bad credit scores.

General Review Consensus

There are a limited number of reviews to be found for online. Regarding the reviews that are available, they’re a mixed bag. The company enjoys their fair share of raves, but cancellation problems and customer services issues are noted throughout, as well.

Expectations may be a key component of how customers feel about’s services. There appears to be a perception among many users that the company should be delivering better results and more service for the $99.95 monthly rate they charge. For the consumers whose bad credit history is improved after signing up, they generally express satisfaction with the service. But even among those satisfied customers, price is noted as a potential issue.

Despite its name, the focus of is on more than fixing their clients’ current bad credit. It appears that they strive to take a more holistic approach that encourages their customers to learn how to maintain good credit history by changing their behavior and adopting good financial habits. With that focus in mind, the company’s additional features may be beneficial for consumers.

To determine whether this is the right choice for your situation, you must first identify what you are looking for in a credit repair company, the most important features. and how much you are willing to pay. If you simply need a company to challenge negative credit items for you at an affordable price, there are less expensive options available to you. But if you want more from your credit repair service and you’re willing to pay a premium for extra services, it may be worth your time to explore what offers.

Good credit is a necessity for any consumer. It’s required to finance large investments, like a home, vehicle or a small business loan. And most people need different types of credit — such as installment loans, credit cards, and lines of credit — for other expenditures, as well.

Even when you’re not applying for direct credit, many companies check your credit report when you apply for their services. This is the case for car and home owner’s insurance and impacts the rates they charge you. Even utility, internet and cable companies look at your credit situation when you sign up for their services. Many prospective employers look at an applicant’s credit background when making a hiring determination. Your credit rating has the potential to impact virtually every aspect of your life.

With the importance of establishing credit worthiness, many consumers find it necessary to turn to professional credit repair service providers to help them improve their ratings. Consumer credit laws require creditors and collection agencies to abide by numerous rules and regulations that impact your credit situation. This is what credit repair companies rely upon to help their customers.

Consumers can also interact directly with their creditors, debt collectors and credit bureaus to help clean up their bad credit, but most have neither the time nor the knowledge to do so effectively on their own. This is why they turn to professional services, like to help them.

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