Creative Ways to Save on Mother’s Day Gifts

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 11, 2020

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May 4, 2015

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Celebrations of Mother’s Day can be traced all the way back to ancient times in Greece. Today, Mother’s Day remains important throughout the world as the day for people to spend time with their mothers, express gratitude for all the sacrifices they have made, and to honor them.

Giving gifts and flowers is common and each year, the average consumer spends just under $170 on a gift. With nearly 86 million mothers in the United States, that equals a lot of money spent. That’s no small chunk of change, and it probably isn’t necessary to spend that much to show love and appreciation to Mom. Have a look at three ways you can save on getting a great Mother’s Day gift.

A very thoughtful do-it-yourself gift, a memory scrapbook holds huge personal value for any mom. The idea is to choose one theme, like love, and highlight how your mother has shown unwavering love for you and the family over the years. It can be a mixture of pictures, written-down thoughts, poems, artwork and more. Making a video version set to her favorite song can be a bonus at the end of the scrapbook. Or you can make a photo book of your favorite memories on sites like Cafe Press. Remember: It doesn’t have to look gorgeous for Mom to like it, it just has to come from the heart. Altogether, this gift should cost between $5 to $20, depending on printing costs.

If you have an airline credit card or hotel credit card with extra points on it, consider sharing some of those rewards with your mom on Mother’s Day. With sign-up bonuses, points for everyday spending and other ways to earn miles and points, giving these miles won’t cost you any actual cash. Sure, you may not be able to book a free flight to Toronto for the weekend, but your mom will be able to take a trip. And she’ll forever appreciate how you helped her take her dream vacation.

If your mom enjoys lighting candles to set the mood and fill the house with a refreshing scent, she’ll undoubtedly appreciate this gift. Be sure to use her favorite scents as well. In short, making a candle involves melting beeswax or soy wax in a double boiler, adding fragrance, waiting for the wax to cool, and then pouring it into a mason jar that has a wick. This gift shouldn’t cost more than $10 to $20, either. Candles are a great gift for Mother’s Day because it shows you spent time and that love was put into the present.

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