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December 27, 2017
By Mary Beth Eastman

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Without Breaking the Bank

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New Year’s Eve is a fitting end to the holiday season. After the indulgences of gifts, traveling and food, it’s the one night of the year set aside to celebrate new beginnings. It can be an expensive night, however, if you follow the crowd to overpriced restaurants and clubs. If you stay in, focus on having fun, you’ll start the new year off right and under budget.

More time with friends is always better than less, especially over the holidays. But if you start your celebration too early, you’ll be expected to serve dinner or have a substantial amount of food available to keep people satiated until midnight.

You can host a potluck or invite people over after dinner. That way they’ve already eaten, and you can focus on snacks and appetizers. In order to give people the heads up about what you’re planning to serve, include a few details in your invite and encourage people to bring a dish if they want something more substantial.

Champagne is a given on New Year’s Eve, but you don’t have to get the most expensive brand. You also don’t have to serve it all evening — you can save the cork-popping for midnight. Light cocktails and a few alcohol selections like wine and beer can save you the expense of running a full bar.

The best part of hosting your New Year’s is you can create the atmosphere you want. It can be upscale and classy or laid-back and casual. You know your guests and what they will like best. Consider offering a few different games to play, such as board games, charades, apps like Heads Up or New Year’s Cards.

That last one invites guests to anonymously write down their resolutions on a piece of paper. As each one is drawn, guests read them aloud and guess to whom they belong. You can offer dollar-store prizes to whomever gets the most correct guesses.

If you’re like many people, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save money. You can get a jump start by making smart choices on the last day of the year. There’s no need to take the fun out of the night just to cut costs.

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