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September 25, 2018

Boost Your Fall Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank

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When you start pulling out the long sleeves, heavy coats and bundle up before heading out the door, it’s also time to do a quick wardrobe assessment. Fashions change, and so do your preferences, so you’ll want to make sure your Fall wardrobe options keep up. Instead of spending thousands on an entirely new set of clothes, here are some tips and tricks to reinvent your closet without giving the credit cards a workout.

Before you buy anything, take a good long look at what you already own. Sometimes, simply mixing up how you wear things can totally revamp your look. Pair your favorite sweater with a pair of leggings instead of slacks, or swap out accessories to turn a buttoned-up office look into boho chic for the road. Once you know what you need, you’re in a better position to head into the shopping frenzy.

While it may not do much for your fall wardrobe, don’t forget to invest in next spring as prices drop on out of season items. It’s a great time to gather up a new bathing suit or some fun summer dresses. At the end of the fall season, you can do the same for the next year. And don’t forget to arm yourself with retail discounts and coupons, too, to stack the savings.

Thrift stores can be an often underappreciated resource for individual items. Why pay retail when you can get classic pieces at a fraction of the cost? Spend a few hours one a week checking out the new selection, and you might find some surprisingly fun pieces hidden away in racks of duds. Plus, shopping secondhand is a great way to practice green living.

When manufacturers order too much inventory, the leftover items often wind up on discount retail sites. Be sure to watch for your favorite items and get brand new sweaters from last years collection, all at a deep discount off the ticketed price.

Some serious fashionistas clear their closets with every season. That means you might be able to grab up some brand name goods at used clothing prices, even if the item was never worn. Sites like ThredUp and PoshMark are both options for finding used and new items at pennies on the dollar.

New accessories can give an old outfit new life, so instead of shopping for all new clothes, it might be better to shop for new accent items.

Be ready to shop regularly if you want to get the best items at the lowest prices. When you do, you will find that you can reinvigorate your clothing choices without overspending.

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