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Written By Elizabeth Schroeter
Last updated February 12, 2021

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February 12, 2021

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We could all really do with a break right now, but the COVID-19 pandemic makes travel almost impossible. With new developments like vaccines and better ways of testing for coronavirus, there are brighter days ahead. If you are planning on traveling during this year, here are some things to consider for travel in late 2021.

The global pandemic has forced people to work in different ways, and the pace of change has been relentless. Many people have experienced bereavement, stress, and emotional turmoil from the effects of COVID-19. Even when someone has had annual leave scheduled, there has been nowhere to go. All this leads to exhaustion and stress, so taking a break and going somewhere different is important.

Even when you feel like booking a vacation, there are travel issues. Many businesses have collapsed because of COVID-19. Also, borders can close with brief notice, making travel difficult. Some of the first outbreaks of coronavirus were linked to cruise ships and air travel, which has also made some people reluctant to travel. However, with the vaccine schedule underway and better testing, it is possible to think about booking travel now for late 2021.

If you plan to travel and book a vacation, it is very important to get insurance cover. You need to check the insurance policy on how it covers anything relating to COVID-19 because some companies exclude it. If your holiday gets canceled due to an outbreak or the company goes out of business, you need to know the insurance will cover your expenses. Some travel companies may insist on a COVID-19 vaccination certificate before travel. A positive side of the pandemic is there are some travel companies with low deposit offers and opportunities to change bookings, which are worth looking at when choosing a vacation.

Many people have accumulated paid leave because of the pandemic because they could not take leave or took less because of lockdowns. If you have paid leave coming to you, it is important to take it so you can have a break and refresh yourself from the pressures of daily life. You may not get it back if you don’t use it. Remember that taking a break is good for your health.

Social distancing will be in place for a significant time. If you are thinking about holidays and what to book, choosing a walking break or rural vacation will give you space and be uncrowded. Staycations are good as well because they avoid overseas travel and issues with borders. Some companies allow you to book private tours, which enables you to avoid crowds. Other options include a self-catering or camping holiday or a wildlife break.

Checking out options for travel in late 2021 is a positive way of planning during the pandemic. By choosing options for safer travel such as self-catering or staycations, you will be able to have a break from your current routine and feel refreshed and healthier as a person.

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