It’s true that a destination wedding can be costly, especially considering the travel and organizational costs usually associated with it. However, for some people, that beautiful tropical beach sunset or exotic locale is essential for the perfect wedding. The good news is you can make your special day more affordable with the right cost-saving strategies.

Use Local Talent Where Possible

You may be tempted to bring your own vendors for the ceremony, but it can significantly add to your wedding budget, especially if you have to pay for their travel expenses. Of course, some exceptions can be made, such as a special photographer or a singer you really love. It might also be a good idea to bring your own wedding planner or designer who can research and contract with local talent to save you the hassle.

Factor in the Hidden Cost of Travel

Many people only factor in the obvious costs for a destination wedding, such as plane tickets and a limo. However, there can be many other costs as well. In some countries, you may have to pay a fee to get a visa, and there may also be unique taxes in the country where you’re holding your wedding. If you transport certain items, you may have to pay certain custom fees and duties as well.

If you’re hosting your wedding in a remote location, there might be additional taxi or even boat costs. As a result, be sure to plan transportation to the very last detail and look out for hidden costs to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Book Off-Season

As with any other wedding location, booking your destination wedding in the off-season can help you negotiate discounts of more than 30 percent. Just be sure you don’t book during a period that typically experiences bad weather.

Avoid Wedding Tents

While you may love the idea of setting up tents right on the beach, renting tents can be a serious cost. You’ll also have to pay for flooring, transportation of materials, and labor. That’s why you want to try to stick to a venue that already has the infrastructure in place.

Whittle Down Your Guest List

With a destination wedding, your guest list is one of the most expensive factors, especially if you’re paying the airfare costs for certain special guests. Think about the key people you want there and don’t go overboard — it can save you big.

Ultimately, a destination wedding is a chance for every bride and groom to enjoy their wedding in an exotic and exciting locale. Use these tips to save money no matter where you go.