You’ve seen the ads, watched the news report about people lining up already, and of course thought to yourself is the “potential Black Friday savings worth it?” In short, it depends. Below is a list of items and situations where partaking in the Black Friday rush may actually be worth the hassle.

Do your Research

If you are planning on making a special big-ticket item purchase based on a Black Friday sale, for example a flat screen TV

. Make sure you check consumer reports and read specific product reviews for that flat-screen. Poor product reviews? Don’t purchase just because it’s deeply discounted. Additionally check to see what accessories are needed,  sometimes retailers offer a stripped down version of products which really means that deal isn’t as great it seems. Also check around to see what the average retail price of your chosen item is, this will allow you to visit the store with the best price. Don’t forget to check for Black Friday Deals online, you may not need to leave the house to secure those stellar discounts. This is why it always pays to do your research.

Bring Ads with You

By bringing ads with you, you will be able to secure a retailers “lowest price guarantee.” Most retailers have a policy that allows them to beat or match other offers. However this requires you to show proof of price, enter store ads. Unfortunately most stores do not match online prices, however it’s always worth a shot. It never hurts to ask, a simple question may save your budget.

An item you are planning on purchasing is greatly discounted

Have you been eyeing a specific high-end camera, or tablet?

 Many retailers discount high-ticket items to get shoppers in the door. Offering doorbuster deals, if you find that your item is highly discounted make sure you read the fine print. Don’t assume you can swing by a store on Friday and receive your discount. Most often, stores only offer limited quantities, or time constraints, if this is the case you have to be willing to rise early to beat the crowds.

Match Your Gift List with Retailers Promotion

Going into a store on Black Friday with the mentality ‘I’ll just see what’s on sale” is a horrible idea, you’ll end up with multiple candles, a hairdryer, and some cute tops, all for yourself. True me I’ve been there. When it comes to Black Friday deals, organization and planning is key. The best way to make sure you are shopping with intent is to cross reference your gift list with Black Friday promotions. For example, Tablet= Tom and cashmere sweater=Mom, this enables you to stick to your list and really make the most of your budget.

Use Store or Rewards Credit Cards

Many times you will receive deeper discounts when using their store credit card, always ask if there is any additional promotion before choosing your payment method. Don’t have a store credit card? Choose to pay with your reward credit card, this is a great way to score more airline miles or cash back. Essentially saving you even more money in the long run. Here is a list of our favorite holiday shopping season credit cards.