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Last updated February 2, 2021

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June 30, 2015

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Summer is in full swing, and July boasts warm temps, 4th of July fireworks, and a number of good deals to be had.

Most large retailers offer a number of discounts around the 4th of July holiday. Clearance items top the charts including swimwear, summer clothing, and shoes. Here are some staple items that often go on sale:

  • Jeans tend to be a deeply discounted product, due to the fact that most people don’t purchase jeans during hot summer months. So retailers put them on sale to move product.
  • Suits, like jeans, aren’t often purchased during the summer months due to the warm weather. Again, stores will offer deep discounts just to move inventory.
  • Lingerie prices drop this month, mostly due to Victoria’s Secret’s semi-annual sale. Other retailers tend to follow suit and drop their own prices.

The dollar is strong, which means the prices for European vacations has dropped. In fact, a recent study by Tripadvisor shows that the cost of a one-week European vacation has declined by at least 11 percent.

Some of the least expensive cities to visit right now are Istanbul, Stockholm and Copenhagen, all showing at least a 20 percent discount.

Don’t have the money for a trip to Europe this summer? You can stay stateside with cheap last-minute 4th of July trips. If you want to save even more on domestic travel, plan your trip the weekend after the 4th, when hotel prices drop 10 percent to 20 percent.

Air conditioners reach their lowest summer pricing in July. Experts say on average, air conditioner deals tend to be 16 percent cheaper than prices in June, and 14 percent cheaper than deals in August. Prior to purchasing an air conditioner, explore all of your options to ensure you buy the right air conditioner for your living space.

July is considered the half-way point for wedding season, which means a number of retailers offer deep discounts on anything that can be considered a wedding present. This includes dishware, table linens and decorative home items. Popular stores such as Macy’s also offer deals on furniture in hopes of making way for the fall inventory. Don’t be afraid to negotiate when it comes to big-ticket items such as couches and bedroom sets.

If you are looking to shop for back-to-school items, it may be smarter to wait until August or even September. Research shows that you will find deeper discounts when it comes to laptops and tablets later in the summer. You will also see grills advertised for the big holiday; however, if you can hold off you will get a much better deal come August or September.

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