The Best Things to Buy in January

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Last updated January 27, 2021

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January 7, 2016

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It’s January, you’re dealing with the bills from Christmas and the idea of shopping is far from your mind. Well, if you left any room in your budget for some spending this month, you’re in luck. There are many deals to be had. Winter apparel, early Valentine’s gifts, and electronics top the list this month. Check out our favorites below:

Experts say January is the best month to purchase winter clothing, especially this year with much of the U.S. having experienced warm weather temperatures through December. This means retailers have a surplus of inventory they are looking to get rid of. Outerwear will see a significant drop in price, more so than in years past. Sweaters and other winter apparel will also see a huge drop in price this month.

This is the year you’re getting in shape, right? Hitting three spin classes a week? One would think that gyms hike their prices this month, but quite the opposite. Gyms are fighting for your business this month, oftentimes waving your initiation fee or offering lower monthly premiums.

Same thing goes for fitness equipment; retailers are slashing prices in hopes of luring consumers and their New Year’s resolutions.

With the end of the fiscal year approaching, online tax services have started to lure customers with promotions. This is great for those early birds who want to get their taxes submitted as soon as possible. Not quite ready to do your taxes? Make sure you sign up for their emails so you know when they are offering deep discounts on tax prep.

This one may seem obvious — January is the best time to buy Christmas decor. Stock up on ornaments, wreaths and artificial Christmas trees. Anything and everything that screams Christmas should be at least 50 percent off. You’ll thank yourself next year!

Looking to update your home decor? January is a great month to buy home furnishings. Experts say major retailers such as Macy’swill be offering at least 40 percent to 70 percent off their inventory.

Sheets and other household linens always take a dip in sales during the winter months. To counteract that retailers are offering between 30 percent and 60 percent off the retail price.This is the time to buy towels, linens, curtains and more.

The Consumer Electronics Show will take place this month, meaning new versions of your favorite devices will be uncovered, which means discounts for last year’s models. However, be aware of release dates, as that will affect sale pricing.

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