There are several websites and apps for smart phones that simplify paying bills, saving and investing. But which ones are straightforward and easy? We break down a few of our favorites below.

Top Android and Apple Apps

  • Manilla

     is one of the top financial services that lets you manage and organize your bills and accounts in one place online or your mobile app. With just one password, you can manage all of your household accounts, including your finances, utilities, healthcare accounts, travel rewards, subscriptions, daily deals and more. Plus this service is free! Check out Manilla

     or download an app for your mobile phone, Android  or iOS.

  • Spendee allows users to see where their money really goes by breaking down their income and spending, keeping it simple and to the point. Cost: $1.99 iOS

     or Android.

Top iOS Apps

  • BillGuard

     allows you to take control of your money and protect your credit cards against unwanted charges. This app allows you to see your spending habits over time, and you can compete with yourself month to month. This app also searches the web for coupons and deals based on your spending habits, allowing you to say goodbye to irrvelavant coupons. Additionally, this app will notify you in real time if there are any unauthorized charges, working with more than 5,000 different credit cards. This app has also earned a number of awards and high customer ratings. Cost: Free, so download BillGuard

     iOS today.

  • SavedPlus

     is a wonderful app to help boost your savings. Each time you make a purchase a percentage of the amount is transferred to your savings. For example if you setup 5% from each purchase, 5% of the total amount purchased will be transferred to your savings account. On average users report saving an extra $200 a month. This app is a great way to help users boost their saving goals. Set up is simple and fast, and the cost is free. Download the SavedPlus

     app today.

  • Budgt

     is an iOS app that allows you to keep track of your expenses in a straightforward way, letting you know how much you can spend daily by accounting for how much you’ve spent already that month. The interface gets high marks for usability and appearance. Cost is $1.99, download the iOS app here


Top Android Apps

  • MoneyWise Pro is a mobile checkbook, allowing you to keep an eye on your everyday spending and cash flow. This app was voted the “Best Budget-Tracking App for Android” by Lifehacker in 2012. Cost: $6.99 on Android.
  • Check – Bills is an app that stays on top of your money and bills for you, so you never miss a bill payment and can avoid overdraft and late fees. Set it up and the app goes to work by staying on top of your bills and monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards. When bills are due or funds are low, the app will notify you so you don’t miss a payment, allowing you to avoid unnecessary fees. This app has received awards from CNN Money, Fox News and PC Magazine. Cost: Free. Download for Android here. (Check – Bills is unfortunately no longer available)

Let these finance apps do the work for you, start saving today!