April 22, 2019

Best Credit Repair Companies Reviews 2019

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With so many bad credit repair companies out there, it can be hard to know which are the best credit repair companies for real credit help. Here are a few credit restoration services that stand out from the other services. All of them are highly recommended, but each company is different from the others. Check out this breakdown for details on what each of the best credit repair services offers:

Best Credit Repair Companies of 2019

Rank Credit Repair Service Best For Monthly Fee BBB Rating Expert Rating
1 Lexington Law Credit Repair Overall Coverage $89.95 N/A ★★★★★
2 Sky Blue Credit Repair Value for Price $79 A+ ★★★★★
3 Extras $99.95 A+ ★★★★★
4 The Credit People Trial Period $79 A- ★★★★
5 Pyramid Credit Repair Customer Service $99 N/A ★★★

Best Credit Repair Companies of 2019

Rank Credit Repair Service Phone
1 Lexington Law (844) 259-3376
2 Sky Blue Credit Repair (888) 534-1510
3 (844) 764-9863
4 The Credit People (866) 323-0104
5 Pyramid Credit Repair (866) 634-9255

Lexington Law Review

Lexington Law website

Lexington Law Review image
  • Signing up: It can be easier to call Lexington Law at (844) 259-3376 so they can walk you through the steps of signing up, or you can sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: Cadillac of credit repair. With decades of credit repair experience, Lexington Law is known for offering features and services that other credit repair companies cannot match, and Lexington Law credit repair reviews reflect that.
  • Price: Lexington Law actually has three different tiers of service, which cost $89.95/month, $109.95/month or $129.95/month, depending on the service you choose. Lexington Law credit repair is a little pricier, but that’s because of the extra level of service it provides.
  • Features: The first tier of service, Concord Standard, offers the repair fundamentals, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be. The second tier, Concord Premier, adds a second level of assistance, as well as monthly credit monitoring and a credit score improvement analysis. The third tier, PremierPlus, adds identity fraud alerts and personal finance tools to help you monitor your finances.
  • Low cost alternative: Lexington Law does offer a low-cost credit repair option (Lex OnTrack) for $24.95 per month, which offers a minimum of credit repair features and can can be a good alternative for those who are looking to move the needle on their credit score without spending a lot of money each month. You do need to call Lexington Law to inquire about this option.
  • Cancellation: Lexington Law’s services are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Guarantee: Lexington Law credit repair only charges for the work it has already completed.
  • Customer service: Lexington Law has a comprehensive customer service network which can be very helpful, including phone, email and chat.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue website

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review image
  • Signing up: It can be easier to call Sky Blue credit repair at (888) 534-1510 so they can help walk you through the steps of signing up, or you can sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: Bang for your buck. Sky Blue offers one of the least expensive credit repair companies that also produces positive results in credit repair and offers 5-star customer service.
  • Price: Sky Blue has one of the lowest prices among credit repair services. The initial fee is $79, and then it is only $79 per month after that.
  • Features: Sky Blue credit repair is one of the best services, but it doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles that the other best services have. They do give you straightforward repair services, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be.
  • Pause Your Service: The coolest feature that Sky Blue credit repair offers is the ability to pause your service if you need to take a break or can’t afford a month. Then you can just restart it when you are ready to go again.
  • Cancellation: Sky Blue’s services are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Reputation: Sky Blue is considered one of the top credit repair services, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and top ranking across review sites.
  • Guarantee: Sky Blue is one of the only services with a full 90-day refund no matter what the reason, so if you’re not satisfied in the first 90 days, it’s free.
  • Customer service: Users often reach out to say how helpful and nice Sky Blue’s customer service is, which is unusual for a repair service. Review website Review image
  • Signing up: It can be easier to call at (844) 764-9863 so they can walk you through the steps of signing up, or you can sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: Popularity. is one of the most popular credit repair companies, partly because of its name and many reviews, but also because it includes so many extras such as identity theft protection.
  • Price: offers a top tier service at $99.95, which includes all of their bells and whistles, including identity theft protection and credit report monitoring. This tier of service offers the basics of credit repair (credit bureau challenges, good interventions, etc.) without some of the standard practices that other credit repair companies offer. (There is also a $14.99 charge to pull your credit reports.)
  • Features: offers the basics of credit repair, including good faith letters, fixing mistakes on your report and using loopholes to contest items on your report. It also communicates directly with furnishers and the credit bureaus to make sure changes have been made. In addition, they will monitor your credit and offer a sleek user interface to help you track your progress.
  • Cancellation:’s services to repair your credit score are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Reputation: comes with a solid reputation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Guarantee: Just like Lexington Law, will only charge you for the month once they have completed the work you agreed upon.
  • Customer service: has a sleek user interface, which makes the need for customer service less, but their customer service is still solid.

Simple. Thrifty. Living. does receive compensation for some of the services that we recommend, although we have strict editorial guidelines and only recommend services that we truly believe are the best. 

The Credit People Review

The Credit People website

The Credit People Review image
  • Signing up: Call The Credit People at (866) 323-0104 or sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: 7-day trial. The Credit People is one of the only credit repair companies that offers a trial so you can try out the service before committing. The trial is $19 for 7 days of service.
  • Price: The best part about The Credit People is they offer a seven-day trial for only $19, so you can try it out before you buy. The monthly cost is $79.
  • Features: The Credit People is much like SkyBlue in that they only offer straightforward repair services, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be.
  • Cancellation: If you go with the lump-sum option, you can still cancel at any time if you are dissatisfied, or go with the month-to-month option which also allows you to cancel at any time.
  • Reputation: Reviews are mixed on The Credit People. It has several reviews on the BBB website, which average out to about an A- rating. Some online reviews rave about the services, some were disappointed, but everyone agrees that the money-back guarantee is a great perk.
  • Guarantee: The Credit People has the best guarantee that we’ve seen. You get 100 percent money back at any point during the six months if you are not satisfied.
  • Customer service: There is limited customer service, with phone hours only between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and only email customer service offered otherwise, but The Credit People will get back to you within 24 hours.

Pyramid Credit Repair Review

Pyramid website

Pyramid Credit Repair Review image
  • Signing up: Call Pyramid at (866) 634-9255 or sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: No initial fee.
  • Price: Pyramid costs $99 a month. If you sign up for a couples plan at $198 a month, you get 50% off the first month of service.
  • Features: In addition to the credit repair fundamentals, Pyramid offers a dedicated personal account manager that walks you through everything to do with improving bad credit through credit help and monitors the progress of your credit repair. Pyramid also has in-house licensed attorneys, which is unusual for a credit repair company. Only Lexington Law offers the same service.
  • Cancellation: Pyramid Credit Repair’s services are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Reputation:  Pyramid has one of the strongest reputations of any credit repair service we have reviewed, with most of its online reviews being extremely positive.
  • Guarantee:  Pyramid Credit Repair offers a 90-day, 100%-money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.
  • Customer service: Pyramid Credit Repair is known for its excellent customer service. Pyramid offers you a personal account manager to deal with your issues, but also has a complete support center as well as phone service available Monday through Saturday.

Lexington Law website  |  (844) 259-3376

Lexington Law Cost:  Lexington Law has an initial fee of $99.95, plus $14.99 to pull your credit reports. After that, it is $89.95 a month for the basic package, $109.95 a month for the Concord package, and $129.95 a month for the Concord Premier package.

Features: The basic package offers the repair basics, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes. The Concord package, however, offers extra scrutiny when it comes to the FTC regulations that lenders must follow when reporting to the credit bureaus. If they aren’t following those regulations, Lexington Law can request that negative information be removed from your report. The Concord Premier package includes that as well as monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Reputation: If you want the best credit repair service on the books, Lexington Law is your best bet. It has been around longer than most of the other credit repair services, and it scores an “A-” with the Better Business Bureau.

Guarantee:  Lexington Law’s guarantee relates only to the credit help promised to you, so read over your agreement carefully before you sign anything. Here is a full Lexington Law review.

Sky Blue website  |  (888) 534-1510

Price:  Sky Blue is one of the cheapest credit repair services, with a $79 setup fee and then an ongoing monthly fee of $79.

Features: Because of the low price, Sky Blue doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles that other services have. It offers straightforward credit repair services to help fix errors and have negative items removed from your credit report, along with online tools so you can track your progress. It also allows you to pause your service at any time, which sets it apart from other credit repair services.

Reputation: Sky Blue has an “A+” Better Business Bureau rating. The service is transparent in what it offers and has 20 years of experience in the credit repair industry.

Guarantee: Sky Blue offers a 90-day, 100-percent money-back guarantee. Here is a full Sky Blue review. website  |  (844) 764-9863 offers a personalized dashboard (like many online investment sites) and visual representation of your credit score to help you track your credit repair progress. On average, it reports a 7 percent decrease in the number of questionable negative items for its clients each month. Find out more from our full review.

Price: offers a standard service for $99.95, which offers the standard credit repair work along with credit report monitoring and credit score analysis.

BBB Rating: A+

Guarantee: will not charge for any work that it has not completed, and you can cancel at any time, but it does not offer any money-back guarantee.

The Credit People website  |  (866) 323-0104

The Credit People offers a seven-day trial for only $19, so you can try out the service before committing to anything. The Credit People also offers a lump-sum option of $299 for six months of service, which saves you over the monthly rate of $79. The Credit People also offers a guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the work. You can cancel your service at any time. Here is a full The Credit People review.

Pyramid Credit Repair website  |  (866) 634-9255

Price: Pyramid Credit Repair costs $99 per month. If you sign up for the service as a couple, you receive a 50% discount on the first month.

Features: Outside the normal credit repair features, Pyramid offers an easy-to-use website and mobile site to help you easily track your credit progress. It also offers dedicated account managers to each customer to help manage the progress and any questions you may have along the way.

Reputation: Pyramid has a stellar online reputation thanks to its excellent customer service and dedicated account managers. Pyramid scores close to 5 stars in most online reviews, although it is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Guarantee: Pyramid Credit Repair offers a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Most credit repair companies will accomplish all of the following:

  1. Retrieve your credit report from the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion)
  2. Fix errors on your credit reports
  3. Help improve your FICO score
  4. Negotiate with your lenders to remove negative items from your credit history
  5. Take advantage of credit repair law loopholes to have negative items removed from your credit reports

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Yes. Both terms refer to repairing or restoring your credit history with the goal of improving your credit score, whether by yourself or with the help of a company.

First, the credit repair service will assess your credit situation by looking at your credit reports. Second, the credit repair service will give you a plan of action that it thinks is best to improve your bad credit score. Once you’ve agreed on a plan, the company will start taking action. It may seem like things are moving slowly, but too many inquiries and contentions from the company all at once can raise red flags with the credit bureaus. Even the best credit repair services do not help you with your credit card debt. If you are looking for debt relief, check out this Freedom Debt Relief review to get a better idea of how debt relief services work. A good credit score can help you get approved for better consolidation loans with better interest rates.

If you have a lot of errors on your report, credit repair services will prioritize fixing those errors. If you have had a solid credit history of credit usage in the past or have a good track record for the past few years, the credit repair services will probably try to negotiate with your lenders to get some of the negative items removed from your credit reports. If you have negative items from lenders that are traditionally unresponsive, the credit repair services may try to contest those items because, according to the Credit Reporting Act, the credit bureaus only have 30 days to verify the information. If they can’t verify it, the items must be removed from your report. There are a number of ways credit repair services can attack negative items on your credit report. If you want to check out your credit report before you sign up for a credit repair service, you can get a free credit report at

The best credit repair service for you depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a more affordable company that just does the basics of credit repair, a company like Sky Blue is a great choice. If price isn’t an issue and you want extras like monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection, credit repair services like Lexington Law and both offer those along with a great track record.

It costs less to do it yourself, but it requires a lot more work than hiring a credit repair company and probably won’t be as effective as a credit repair company. The top credit repair companies have in business for years and have an excellent grasp on credit laws and how the credit bureaus work.

When many people hear the words “credit repair,” overpriced credit repair services and scams spring to mind. While scams are out there, many credit repair companies really can help you improve your bad credit score and repair your credit. The key is knowing which companies can help and how they work.

Finding a company: The best way to find a legitimate credit repair company to use is to look for a company that follows government standards. Credit repair companies must give their customers the option to cancel at any time, must provide a list of all included services in writing, and must not require customers to pay for work that has not yet been completed.

Know what to expect: Credit repair is not a magical fix to your credit problems; it is a highly-regulated practice, and every company has to follow strict rules. Credit repair companies can contest items on your credit reports, but whether the credit bureaus agree to remove those items is outside of the control of the credit repair company.

Don’t overpay: Credit repair companies charge by the month, which is convenient, but the process can also take a long time. Credit repair services can only challenge a small number of items on your credit report each month, so it can be a slow process. Some less reputable credit repair services may try to prolong the process to charge you more in the long run, which is why it’s important to be careful when choosing a company.

  • Yes, Mike, Sky Blue is available in Las Vegas NV. Thanks for asking!

  • Can sky-blue help me I live in Las Vegas NV

  • Thanks for posting, behind the scenes posts are the best. I really enjoy by reading all discussion. Credit collection agencies and legal financial cost lenders a lot of money, You need to show you can handle credit wisely.

  • Great comparison, thank you. However, there are many services that might try to take advantage of you and your financial needs by trying to steal your money or financial information. There are many signs that you should find in any credit repair service provider that might suggest that it is a scam.

    A big sign of a credit repair scam is when a credit repair agency tells you to get an Employer Identification Number that you can use in lieu of your Social Security Number. This might help you to get a new credit profile but it is still illegal. Your regular credit profile will still link up with a new one.

    Another sign of a scam involves the way how a provider might ask you to pay for services before anything is handled. Many credit repair scams will take money away by asking for payment and then doing nothing.

    The big point about any scam doing this is that asking for money before services are handled is a violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. The rule states that you cannot pay money until all services are completed and your credit has actually improved.

    Any company that says that it can remove all negative items on your report may also be a scam. You might learn about how to correct mistakes on a credit repair blog but you can’t just get every single negative item removed. You can’t remove a bankruptcy. Also, not all creditors are willing to correct payment status updates in your favor.

    All credit repair services must work directly with the three credit reporting bureaus. Anyone who tries to tell you that you can get credit repair services without dealing with any bureaus will be a scam. You must make sure that any changes that are made to your credit report during the credit repair process is handled with direct contact to a service provider.

  • Excellent comparison, Thanks very much. For the record, I have also used both, and feel there is something that could be added. You are correct about Sky Blue not having the bells and whistles, but they blow away Lexington Law Firm in integrity.

  • Hi Jack. Thanks for a great article. Along with the services you mention do any of these companies provide coaching too? I have a niece who urgently needs advice as to how to reestablish her credit and handle money going forward. Is that something Sky Blue (for example) provides or does she need to look elsewhere. And if so, do you have any recommendations?

    • Each of the services does provide some credit counseling. Lexington Law is probably the best when it comes to that. But if she is just looking for credit counseling, she can talk to one of the many non-profit credit counseling services for free. They are very good and unbiased when talking about fixing your credit. The best one we’ve found is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. ( You could even sign up for credit repair with one of the services listed and use the NFCC for credit counseling if you need to. Hope this helps!

  • I had just looked at Lexington Law’s website and saw how much they charged when I decided I should research the best credit repair service! Wow, how glad I am I saw this and read the comments! I absolutely will not be using LL now! Sounds as of Sky Blue is the way to go!! Thank you so much for the article and leaving all the comments in place! It really helped me decide and I am 100% sure it will help others navigate their options as well! Good Job!

  • Ronnie,
    Best of luck to you and you are doing the right thing by bouncing back and getting on the right track. Sky Blue Credit is an awesome company to go with and I can speak from personal experience. SimplyThriftyLiving did a great job outlining the best credit repair companies and it sounds like you have a great plan in mind once you get on solid ground with your multi-family strategy of buying apartments and renting the out.

  • Thanks so much for the article. I, like so many others, have decided to FINALLY, take action and get my credit squared away, as I am about 520 right now. I have been looking on my local Craig’s List and looking online. This article has helped a LOT! After reading all of the comments, and looking at various credit repair websites, I am going to sign up with Skyblue, and see what they can do. I am interested in applying for an FHA loan and buying a 4 unit apartment building, and living in one of the units. I have no credit cards, no car loans, no mortgage and I use cash, however, I do have a divorce and my ex, God bless her, when way out of her way ( I mean over the top) to trash my credit, by not paying any of our bills, the last 4 months we were together. This was in order to build up a nest egg, to finance walking out….LOL. You can only laugh,now that the tears have dried up…LOL. But it is time to get back into the Game! She tried to leave me for “financial road kill”, but the best revenge is to bounce back, and so, bouncing back I am.

  • I am currently 10 months in with Lexington Law. I was skeptical but desperate to get the ball rolling so I hired them. I had a car accident years ago and had many medical bills and all the mess that goes with that. I had 33 items on each report. My credit was 425. I now have 1 item on one, and 5 on another and 6 on another. My credit has come up far enough that I have recently applied for a home loan. I did not only pay Lexington Law and sit back on the couch. I actively paid down anything I could afford no matter how small. I applied for a secured credit card, paid on time each month, kept my balance low, after 6 months, they increased the credit limit beyond my secured amount. Not long after that I applied for a non secured card, got it and it is twice the limit of the secured card. I am paying bills on time and this is working. I just want to leave some encouragement to people out there trying. Lexington Law has done exactly what they said they would do. They told me this was no over night success. They were honest that this does take time but they are successful. Also, I have had to do almost nothing. They have sent every letter, rarely ever contacted me. All alerts come through email and text and I have a running tally of every move they have made. I am glad I chose Lexington Law to help me.

  • Lexington law is not that great you pay allot for a little my score dropped from 620 to 589! I called one credit company which I can not remember the name of but the guy sounded sketchy so I will be trying sky blue looking forward to actual improvement.

  • Thanks for reviewing Sky Blue Credit Repair as we’ve been hearing mixed things about the company. We’ve read lots of reviews but your review has been the most comprehensive and informative. It really seems to be a minefield when it comes to choosing the best credit repair company. I need to repair my credit rating as I want to buy my first home…I think I will Sky Blue a try.

  • Thank you for your article and the comments as they have been very useful. I just came across a sponsored ad on facebook about Lexington Law so I looked them up on the BBB website. Their complaint level was kinda high (not seeing how many they had served or amount of years in business). So I furthered my research by googling if it was legitimate or not when I came across this article. I can say that I will be contacting Sky Blue to resolve my issues. I have a 616 right now but I want to buy a house next year and want/need my score to be near 680 or above to get a decent APR. If any younger adults are reading this, your credit is important. Pay on time and if you get divorced, make sure your ex does not kill your credit. Growing up, bills and credit scores along with politics were NEVER discussed. I’m 44 yrs old still trying to figure this out.

    • Thanks for this note Wendy. I’m 26 trying to figure out. Let’s just it wasn’t even acknowledged in my house. Thanks for the boost of confidence!

  • Can sky-blue help me I live in chicago

    • Yes, Sky Blue is available in Illinois.

  • Thank you so much for giving such an honest review this is exactly what I came up with when I did my research this is very honest and directly to the point Lexington Law was very great but Skyblue is better because of the price awesome review . I used Lexington law in 2015 I had a lot of stuff deleted ,but last month Sky-blue was able to get my bankruptcy from 2012 deleted .

  • Great article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  • Which is the best credit repair for someone who just needs a little bump in their credit score?

    • Skyblue is still the best credit repair service to use, just let them know you just want to bump your score a little and they will help you with that and make sure you are cancelling your service at the right time.

  • Thank you for recommending sky-blue they really are the best credit repair service out there. I was with lexington and they did help me raise my score but it eventually stopped going up and I still was paying them. Sky-blue has been really good about telling me what i can do and when i should stop. They really are the best credit repair. Tnx!

  • I live in Colorado and called Sky Blue but they indicated the did not have a license in Colorado so they could not help me. Is LL my next best option at this point?

    • Yes, Lexington or are probably your best choices.

  • I was literally on the phone with Lexington law last night for over an hour (not knowing about Sky blue yet). They told me over the phone that their plan was $119.99/month and a $14.99 start up fee… or something like that… I think that’s why I was on the phone for so long… because all they needed from me was my debit card info to start the process.. After looking at their website and seeing everyone’s comments, I didn’t know they had cheaper, yet still expensive plans.. I was very skeptical but I KNOW I need to do something to fix my credit, since I want to be a home owner some day. Now that I’ve done more reading about sky blue, I think I’m going to call them tomorrow to get this started.. I am excited to see my credit looking more positive!

  • I had excellent credit, which dropped after my SSN was stolen. I had 770 1.5 years ago, and it’s 678 now. Paying bills on time, pay my rent in advance; paid off my student loans, sold my car, and finally my home and paid off my lIan last year, $226,295.00. It was my student loan which prevented me from buying a replacement car, or a home. It’s dropped a bit now, I’m not sure how to raise it without using a company. It’s ridiculous that paying rent isn’t tracked.

  • I want to add that Lexington has a much lesser known, affordable option called “Maintenance Pro” for $19.95 a month. They work with one bureau only for 4 months, then switch. This is something I would be willing to try after Sky Blue if I still have items left, because it is so affordable and you get the notarized letters and escalations with it. It would be best for people like me who do not have too many negatives left on their report.

  • I was with Lexington for 14 months. I went with Lexington Essentials (their lowest service) at $49.95 per month, so all in all I spent $700. I had 37 removals, with 10 remaining. I just cancelled this month. I am pleased, my credit score has risen astronomically, and I feel that the 37 removals was worth $700. However, getting down to the last 10 I have not had much movement on my case in the past few months, and I didn’t want to continue paying without knowing if they’d come off or not. I have decided to switch to Sky Blue for those 10, I LOVE their guarantee and they seem to give more personalized advice about which creditors to go after, and which are best to leave alone. I will give Sky Blue a try at least for a few months

  • I just signed up with Lexington Law, however I tried them about a year ago and was skeptical so I cancelled. I signed up again, because I am really trying to repair my credit. $99 a month seems a bit much and how do you know if anything can be removed. I asked and I really got no response of if they could or couldn’t remove them. I also asked about paying of a credit card that was on my report if I wanted to use them again, no response or guidance. They say they removed 15 items and I just signed up a week ago, but they still show on my report. I don’t wan to spend countless money on a credit repair and they are not helping. Most companies are scams, one said $20 per deletion and $100 per judgment and bankruptcies. I just want my score to increase, item permanently removed from a real reputable company, without them taking your money and you see no results. How can you obtain POSTIVE CREDIT and you have horrible credit, can you obtain a new card with previous credit card companies? Someone please advise.

    • Hi Rhonda, thanks for reading! As you can see from others who have commented, SkyBlue credit repair might be a better choice for you. They charge less and usually offer better customer service and results. Both links and a phone number are provided in the article above. Hope that helps!

  • Thank you! I will be calling sky blue. I’ve spent 1,000 on Lexington law and got little results with removing items from my credit report..I actually removed some my self that were way over 7 years old by just pulling my credit report my self and calling them. Another issue with Lexington was they were picking and choosing which to remove vs the initial plan we had discussed which Has me still needing to seek credit repair agencies to see if I can get help with those since they are hugely impacting my score!

  • I am currently with lexington law and they have done wonders for removals. I started at a 527 credit score from Jan 2014 and we are almost a year in and I am at a 630. I do see a trend about the sending two or three letters at a time. I’m really not sure if it raises eyebrows when sending too many challenges at once but throw one extra for kicks especially when I am paying 99.95 a month. The price mentioned carries an Inquiry assist and for a while (3 months) I continued paying that amount not really noticing no more could be done with Inquiries but they continued billing without mentioning it. So I called to cancel as things were moving slower and they dropped the package to the 59.95. And so I continued with them. Now don’t get me wrong 10 months and a higher credit score by 103 points is great. I thank them for that. Now another concern was escalations. When I chatted via live internet chat and told them about things getting slower and nothing seems to be moving. They said they needed my permission to send out escalation letters. I mean if it were personal wouldn’t they want to really get a hold of me.?! So there are those moments where I question if they are just doing their job and not really on a personal level. Maybe its time to give Sky blue a try after 1 yr with Lexington Law. Let someone else get in there with fresh eyes. I have 17 removed and 8 remaining.

  • Lexington Law has done a pretty good job for me. My only complaints would be that they haven’t removed the things I asked them to focus on initially. Well they have but only from two bureaus. They don’t seem to communicate with Experian as well as they do the other two bureaus. Which is causing a lot of frustration for me. I’m considering moving my business to Sky Blue.

  • I have used sky blue before and they are good I’m going to use them again my ex husband used L.L and wasn’t pleased at all

  • Thank you everyone for your comments! I have been researching what to do/who to use. I went through a financially disastrous divorce, family financial crisis, etc and have tried to keep up with everything. I was admittedly late on things but I’ve always paid and paid the whole amount. I’ve not asked for anything to be discharged, even though they’ve offered. I had a stellar credit score and within 18 months it was shot down. I need it to go back up and was hoping to enlist the help of one of the agencies. It looks like Sky Blue will be receiving a call from me. Everyone’s comments were amazingly helpful as I was so close to picking up the phone and calling Lexington Law!

    Again, thank you!

  • It’s important to note that not everyone will have the same results with credit repair. You must know going into the process that it’s possible that not every one of your creditors will respond favorably. Some will have better results than others.

  • I’ve just droped Lexington Law after they took about a $1,000 from me with no result. I was a 101% involved in the process. I received Four(4) letters that they send to creditors that had the wrong address. Two of the letters went to the wrong address of credit reporting agencies. How is that possible, but that’s how they try to prolong the process inorder to keep you paying.

    They are extremely slow and will send out 2 or 3 challenges after they have collected thier monthly fee. I saw that my challenges went out the day after my account was debited. I can go on and on about about Lexington Law money only service. I am sadden that I just came across this article but if I can help anyone whose’s planning on dealing with Lexington Law, don’t waste your money. The money is nothing if they would have process results but it’s frustrating dealing with them. I am not going to call them dishonest, but I don’t know any other term to describe thier service.

  • i am happy for chose sky blue. after 5 days they send email for get 2 security credit card at least , and they also send another email about my credit report and they had some advise of 3 account (they put stop for dispute) unless i want it, i worked with 3 credit service before they all were scam, took my money without any improve my credit.
    the only honest credit repair service i found is sky blue (so far). they charge only $59 monthly plus one time $29 for get credit report. for any reason no matter what, u can cancel you account.

  • This is EXACTLY what I needed to read to confirm what I had suspected. Thank you so much for your article. The comments helped as well! 🙂

    • I’m glad we could help!

      • May 25,2016


        Thank you for this article Jack Ryder.
        I am with LL and had switched to the premium package for $119.
        Although my credit score went up some,I do think they are pricey so I’m nowswitching over to Sky Blue Credit Repair.

  • I was just contacted by LL. They gave me the rate of only their top package, so I was a bit leery. I saw on the website that less expensive packages were offered. I’m going to give SkyBlue a shot. Great article, great advice. Thanx!!!

  • I’ve used both companies…and honestly…the “bells and whistles” that lex offers didn’t really do much for me. I found the agents at Sky Blue to be much more helpful and in tune with my needs (and emotions!)…whereas Lex seemed to be more of a one-size-fits-all. I guess it doesn’t matter if the result is good in the end though.

  • Thank you Jack for the information. I was searching for the fee that Lexington charges its clients since they seem to always be on top of the list if one is looking for a credit repair company.
    @Jon: in reagrds to how many items you should dispute. I don’t think Lexington misled you. It is required to only dispute 3 to 4 items at once because you don’t want the credit bureau agencies to see the the disputes as “frivolous”: a term used in the Credit Repair world. They may not take your disputes seriously and they may decide not to go through with all your disputes.
    However, your credit repair company should advice you about the best way to increase your score.

    Few tips:
    Continue to pay your bills on time while you are repairing your credit
    Try to keep your credit card balance at 30% or lower of the credit limit on your card(s)
    Monitor your credit to ensure that there is no mistake or that there is no one using your information
    Make sure that your lenders are reporting your payment history correctly as well as the credit limit on your card.
    If you don’t have a credit card anymore, as soon as your score allows you, sign up for a small secured credit card

    I hope this was helpful.
    G. Bruny

    Good luck.

  • I agree with you Jon. I’ve used Lexington Law, with very little progress, with a great deal of money spent. They are only after the money. Not intergrity of helping people out. I wish I would have seen this article prior to using Lexington Law. I was very displeased with their little efforts. I spent $1200 and they removed 6 inquires, with no future advice.

    • True I agree lexington law firm takes a long time to get results

  • Thank you so much, this is what i was looking for

  • Excellent comparison, Thanks very much. For the record, I have also used both, and feel there is something that could be added. You are correct about Sky Blue not having the bells and whistles, but they blow away Lexington Law Firm in integrity. When I worked with Sky Blue, they gave me solid advice about what to appeal and not appeal. More importantly, when they had done all they felt they could accomplish, (there were some items they recommended against disputing), they told me and stopped charging me.

    Lexington always struck me as the type that will keep charging you as long as there is anything on your report, whether they have any hope of removing it or not. Whereas Sky Blue proactively suggested I cancel my subscription, I found Lexington difficult to cancel at all.

    And I am unaware of the validity of this claim or not. If I recall, Lexington had a policy of only disputing 2-3 things at once, saying it looked bad if you tried to launch huge dispute campaigns. That may be true, but I always had the feeling at least part of the policy was driven by the desire to lengthen the amount of time you had to subscribe and milk you for more payments.

    Again, great article, thanks.

    • can I ask how much your scored were raised after skyblue? I am thinking about using them.

      • I did not use SkyBlue personally. Each person’s score will be affected differently, since each person’s credit history is unique to them.

  • Jack, thank you so much for posting/writing this article. I was JUST researching the top credit repair services on BBB and online in general (Google search) and these were the exact two companies that I was deciding between….then I found this! How ironic. This is so very helpful and you just confirmed my initial choice!
    Much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to share this with others.

  • Excellent job here! Theses are both great companies. Keep in mind for the consumers that have some spare time, the option to work on their credit themselves might be a good one. Thanks.

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