Best Credit Cards for Building Your Credit Score

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated January 28, 2021

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May 1, 2016

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If your credit is on the low end of the scale, it may seem impossible to raise your score since you don’t qualify for 95 percent of the credit cards out there. But there are a small number of cards that are specifically made for those with bad credit, and can be used to raise your credit score so you will eventually be able to apply for the other 95 percent of credit cards.

First, keep in mind that not all credit cards designed for those with bad credit, or “secured” credit cards, report to the credit bureaus, which means they will not help raise your credit score. If you want a credit card with the best perks to build credit, make sure before you sign up for a secured credit card that it reports to all three of the credit bureaus. Also, most secured credit cards require a deposit, which acts as kind of an insurance for the credit card companies, since your credit score is so low. Most deposits are equal to the credit limit on the credit card, although some secured cards offer lower deposits as an incentive.

But the beauty of these cards is that they don’t require a credit check. So no matter how low your credit score is, you can qualify for a secured credit card.

While getting a secured credit card will definitely help raise your score, you can also look into a credit repair company to help you with your credit score. Just make sure to do your research and find a reputable company. Here are some trusted credit repair companies you can use.

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This really depends on what you are looking for. Most secured cards are pretty standard, but there are a few that offer some great features and incentives that can be pretty enticing.

Here are some of the best secured credit cards. 

If you are looking to raise your credit score but need more credit than a secured card can offer, look at some of the best online loans to see if you can qualify for them. Loans also report to the credit bureaus, so they can help you raise your credit score.

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