It can be hard to be approved for a credit card if you have issues with your credit score. Most of the popular credit cards are reserved for those with excellent credit, and even those credit cards offered to people with good credit can lack good rewards and perks. So what’s a person with average credit to do? Luckily, credit card companies are starting to understand the value of offering perks to those with average credit. Although there are only a few really good average credit credit cards to choose from, the top cards offer reward points, no annual fees and no limits on the points you can earn, so look for those cards.

Why You Should Apply for an Average Credit Credit Card

If you have average credit and you try to apply for a card that requires good or excellent credit, you won’t be approved. Hands down. Credit card companies are very strict about their guidelines for approving people for certain credit cards. So why does it matter if you get turned down? Because it can hurt your credit. If you apply for too much credit at one time, it can drag down your credit score. Credit bureaus view multiple credit applications as a risk, since they think you are taking on too much credit at once. So getting turned down multiple times for a credit card can make it even harder to get approved later.

Here is a complete list of the best credit cards for average credit.


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