Best Cities for Single Retirees

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Last updated February 18, 2020
February 18, 2020

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A majority of women and over a quarter of men are single at the age of 65. Which means more and more boomers are retiring un-partnered. So which cities have the most single retirees? Whether you’re single are ready to mingle or happiest solo, these cities lend themselves to retirement bliss. 

Not surprising Florida tops our list. Miami area is a great option for those sunbirds. Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach boast the most singles. Plus you can’t beat the weather. Retirees will find a number of 55 plus communities and Golf courses are plentiful. Not to mention the rich art culture and diverse community.

If money is no object, San Francisco is a great place to retire. The weather is mild year around, and the proximity to outdoor activities, such as hiking or biking make it that much more desirable.

Wine buff? San Francisco is a mere hour to Napa Valley. The population is diverse and the culture reflects that. Top rated restaurants and museums play a big role in this city.

If you can handle the weather, this city is great choice. The locals are what make this city feel like a community. Milwaukee is known for classical music and supports a long running symphony. If healthcare is a concern, this city may fit the bill. There is a large concentration of physicians and specialists in the area.

There are over a 100 cities and small towns that surround Boston, giving retirees a number of locations to fit any budget. Boston proper is known for a couple of things, prestigious universities and sports. If you’re not a sports fan, you’ll become one quickly.

Tax Break

If you’re a government employee and retire in the state of Massachusetts, most government pensions are free from a state tax. During the good weather months you’ll find most locals outdoors. However if you can’t tolerate severe weather, you may want to skip over this one.

65% of women over 65 are single in this city. Who needs a partner when you’ll have single girlfriends galore? El Paso is more budget friendly than the other cities listed, plus you won’t have to deal with those east coast winters.

This city stands on the Rio Grande across the Mexico–United States border. Given the location it lends itself to a mix of cultures and a Mexican influence. The city is also know for its military presence in the region, with multiple facilities, including Fort Bliss. This is one of the biggest military complexes of the United States Army.

These above cities could mean retirement bliss, but have you prepared enough? Cities in general tend to be more expensive than your typical suburb. In turn you must account for that when planning.

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