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September 14, 2016

Are Beauty Box Services Worth the Price?

Written By Jack Ryder
Last updated November 23, 2019

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Not long ago, shopping for cosmetics meant strolling drugstore aisles, consulting with department store representatives, or attending Mary Kay parties. You found your favorites (that brown lipstick from the ’90s is still a go-to) and now hesitate to take risks: Wouldn’t that red lip paint look too harsh? Is that blush too rosy? Are mineral eye shadows difficult to apply?

Answers could cost just $10 a month. A subscription to a “beauty box,” or cosmetics club that sends samples and full-sized products every few weeks, will open your makeup bag to what’s new and interesting in the cosmetics scene. The boxes, which include clubs like Glossybox, may also include hair products, tools and perfume. A relatively new concept, some beauty box subscription services are so popular they carry a waiting list. Besides the thrill of opening a pretty box filled with tissue paper and tiny mysteries, why should you join?

Cosmetic trends are subtle and your look might be outdated. Remember your Aunt Trina and her bright blue eye shadow? Don’t let that happen to you. A box subscription delivers products you wouldn’t normally try. Experiment with brow gel, ink eyeliner, shimmer powder, and — yes — risky lipstick shades like red, purple or light frosty pink. Try some samples and fall in love with a certain lip gloss or get really good at drawing cat eyes.

Not a fan of fingernail polish or hair spray? Maybe your babysitter would love to take it off your hands. Save your box rejects in a secret pile and regift them to your friends. Put them in holiday stockings or pass them on to charity groups. You’ll gain some popularity along with your new style. Make sure to review the products you liked and didn’t like on your service’s website. In many cases, reviews can earn points toward additional products.

Makeup counter consultants can’t compete with the community you’ll find online through your subscription service. Following and connecting with fellow subscribers on social media often means sharing application tips and new ideas about using the products. Some beauty bloggers post inspiring photos and memes. Join up with them and you’ll soon be the first among your friends to know what’s cool in the cosmetics world.

A subscription sign-up can make you more beautiful, but it requires commitment. Don’t expect to adore everything in the box every month. Challenge your comfort zone: Maybe you don’t like relaxation face masks, but have you tried one lately? Embracing new styles, ideas and ingredients is what the service is all about, so open up to a new and more exciting you. Now go bat those cat eyes.

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