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December 20, 2017
By Mary Beth Eastman

Having a Baby? Take Advantage of These Freebies

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Having a baby can cost a lot of money. Not only do you have to pay for healthcare services for you and your baby, but you also need to purchase a lot of items to make your child comfortable at home.

Taking advantage of freebies will lower the amount of money that you have to spend without forcing you to avoid modern conveniences that can make life much easier for parents and babies. Start with these five options.

The typical baby goes through about 2,700 diapers during the first year. That can cost you more than $550. You can chip away at that high amount by registering with companies that will send you free diaper samples.

Some programs that give away free diapers include Little Huggies and Pampers Gifts to Grow. You can also win free diapers by following Luvs on Facebook and participating in the company’s sweepstakes.

Enfamil Family Beginnings will send you $400 worth of free gifts when you register at the Enfamil website. The gifts often include free samples of formula, coupons, onesies and other surprises.

If you plan to feed your child formula, then you might as well take advantage of this opportunity from Enfamil.

Prenatal vitamins can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 per bottle. If you shop at Meijer, though, you can get your vitamins for free. Before you go to the Meijer pharmacy, visit your doctor and request a prescription for the vitamins. When you take the prescription to Meijer, the pharmacy will give them to you for free.

You can take advantage of this offer even if you aren’t pregnant since Meijer will give free vitamins to women who are trying to get pregnant.

If you feel a little anxious about becoming a parent, then you might want to get advice from magazines that publish articles about pregnancy and parenting. Parents magazine gives away copies of its publication Fit Pregnancy and Baby to expecting mothers. You just have to fill out a short questionnaire to start getting your free magazines.

Your baby will start to hear sounds around your 18th week of pregnancy. This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to a variety of musical styles.

Visit Amazon to get more than 50 free songs. The list of free songs includes nature sounds, music for children and even bluegrass music.

Your child will cost you enough money over the next couple of decades, so you might as well get these free items while you can.

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