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April 27, 2016

Alternatives to the Cell Phone Contract

Written By Jack Ryder
Last updated November 24, 2019

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These days it is hard to imagine not having a cell phone, but many people become frustrated with their carriers and want to avoid a contract that locks them in for one, two or more years. There are excellent alternatives to cell phone contracts — you just need to do some comparison shopping to find the right one for you and your family.

VoIP is an inexpensive alternative to a cell phone contract. It stands for voice over internet protocol. This basically means that you can converse with your friends and family over the internet or a broadband phone service. VoIP is available on many devices, such as smartphones, computers or other personal electronic devices. Companies like BroadVoice will let you use their service on any device for a reasonable price.

Cell phone companies are becoming quite competitive and they know that consumers are weary of contracts and long-term commitments. Many companies offer affordable prices for unlimited talk, text and data. They also have even less costly plans for consumers who rarely text, use data and only need a cell phone for convenience. Some companies to look into are TracPhone, Straight Talk Wireless and Republic Wireless. Often, companies require that you purchase a new phone from them, but they allow you to keep the same phone number. Other places allow you to use a phone that you already own. Talk with your friends and acquaintances to get their opinions of the cell phone service they use.

You can buy pay as you go phones at many discount stores, pharmacies, office supply stores and even supermarkets. These are also called prepaid cell phones. You simply select the phone you want based on your budget and needs. Then you purchase the amount of airtime you want on a prepaid card. Some of these cards even allow you to text or email with them. The prepaid phones can be as basic or as fancy as you desire. Many people who only want a cell phone for emergencies or want to try out prepaid cell phones choose these phones as a viable option to try out the different services.

Consumers are often shocked at the high cost of their mobile phone bill, particularly if two or more mobile phones are needed in their household. Nowadays, you have frugal alternatives to help you reduce the cost of these gadgets that are often considered a necessity.

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