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Written By Ryan Canady
Last updated September 13, 2021

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September 10, 2021

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Today we live in a world where it’s extraordinarily difficult to get by with just one income source. People either have to pool their resources or discover some ways to make a side income. Sometimes, they need to do both. It’s for this reason that people inquire into the best apps for side hustles, and how to bring in some extra cash with a tutoring side hustle.

It is a reasonable question to ask why you should bother to take up a tutoring side hustle. Is there something about this occupation that makes it more rewarding or more lucrative than other options out there? That depends on how much you do and how much you agree to be paid per hour as you start out.

Even beginner tutors can make a significant amount of cash for their services. There are a lot of students all around the world who want to learn the basics of the English language. They are relying on tutors just like yourself to jump in and assist them with their learning. A tutoring side hustle will very likely involve helping children from another country (often China, though this can vary) to learn English.

You are doing two great things at once when you agree to this job. You are helping children who want to grow their base of knowledge, and you are generating additional income for yourself that you might not have access to without this tutoring opportunity.

Some skeptics might question how much they can actually make from tutoring online. They hear about tutoring income and think that it is too good to be true. However, there are people who tutor as their full-time occupation because the money is so reasonable.

Most beginners report they make between $18-$26 per hour to get started. That’s not bad considering the minimum wage in many areas in the United States remains at a stubbornly low $7.25 per hour. You can always ask the particular company that you partner with about their plans and how much they intend to pay for the work you do. People are easing their financial pains by simply tutoring students in their spare time.

There are a handful of apps that serve the tutoring side hustle industry. One of the most well-known ones at the time of this writing is an app called VIPkid. This app pairs up native English speakers in the United States with students in China who want to learn the language. To apply, you must have proof of at least one year of tutoring experience and a Bachelor’s degree. VIPkid will take it from there and get you all set up with the students that you will teach.

Users report they teach only about 1 to 4 students at a time. This allows them to invest time and energy into the students they have. When they can help the students on a more personalized basis, it helps them to meet those students’ specific needs. There is no more about not being able to reach certain students at their level. It’s all handled by controlling the size of the classroom.

There are many ways you can make yourself more marketable in the industry to get more jobs. Most of these ways are connected to having tutoring experience, but even beginners can establish a portfolio that makes them more appealing as an educator.

It’s a good idea to network and connect with other tutors. Not only will they have experience in the field you are about to embark upon, but they also can instruct you on some industry best practices. You can count on them to show you the way and to make it easier for you to learn and gain experience.

You should also get on social media and join groups related to tutoring as a side hustle. There are plenty of people just like yourself who have found this industry and are happy to share their experiences with you. They meet up in social media groups that can discuss the issues specific to tutoring for money.

You shouldn’t immediately quit your day job to pursue tutoring online, even if the hourly rate that you can make as a tutor outpaces what you make at your day job. The problem with running into the arms of tutoring as a side gig is that you cannot guarantee that the work will remain consistent at all times. There are busy times of the year, and there are slower times of the year. You just don’t know which one you are getting into until you start.

Besides this, you don’t know for sure that you will enjoy the tutoring gig. Many people try it and enjoy it, but it’s not for everyone. It’s better to keep your options open until you are more certain about the future that you are building. Why take a chance on something that you don’t know you can fully commit to?

Tutoring is meant to serve as a side-hustle and not to replace a full-time income. There are people who can earn a full-time income by tutoring alone, but you might just burn yourself out attempting to do this. Instead, focus on what you know you are good at. Then see if there are opportunities for you in the tutoring field and perhaps beyond. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and take the time to research opportunities in tutoring. Sample what it’s like to do this work, and then decide how much you can do, if any.

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