What Is Simple. Thrifty. Living?

Welcome to Simple. Thrifty. Living! Our job here is to make sure that money isn’t holding you back from the things that make life interesting. We are here to tell you how to save a little extra so that you can enjoy life the way it should be lived.

Who Are We?

Simple. Thrifty. Living. is a group of regular consumers who have figured out how to get the most out of life by spending the least amount possible on the finer things, and we are here to share those secrets with you. We come from vastly different backgrounds. We have a psychologist. A journalist. A finance expert. A human resources guru. A home decorator. And a vast array of other regular people who are willing to share their tips on saving with you.

How Does Simple. Thrifty. Living. Work?

Our team of editors has a vast knowledge of personal finances, money saving tips and deal scouting. They use that knowledge to research and write the articles that you see on the site. We also get article ideas from our readers, so if you have a question you are dying for us to answer, please shoot us an email at questions@simplethriftyliving.com.

Disclaimer: Simple. Thrifty. Living. does receive compensation for some of the services that we recommend, although we only recommend services that we truly believe are the best. 


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