What Is Simple. Thrifty. Living?

Welcome to Simple. Thrifty. Living! Our job here is to make sure that money isn't holding you back from the things that make life interesting. We are here to tell you how to save a little extra so that you can enjoy life the way it should be lived.

Simple. Thrifty. Living. is a group of regular consumers who have figured out how to get the most out of life by spending the least amount possible on the finer things, and we are here to share those secrets with you. We come from vastly different backgrounds. We have a psychologist. A journalist. A finance expert. A human resources guru. A home decorator. And a vast array of other regular people who are willing to share their tips on saving with you, with expert opinions on everything from the best online loans to the top credit repair reviews.

Our team of editors has a vast knowledge of personal finances, money saving tips and deal scouting. They use that knowledge to research and write the articles that you see on the site. We also get article ideas from our readers, so if you have a question you are dying for us to answer, you can contact us here.

We love to give expert advice on personal finance, but we have to pay our experts somehow. In order to keep our site live, we do receive compensation for some of the companies we review on the site. Does this affect how we rank and review companies? No. Our editorial team makes all the decisions about how companies are reviewed and ranked. Our advertisers have no influence over our editorial content in any way. This separation between editorial and advertising helps us provide impartial, in-depth content while still paying our writers for their expertise.

Jeff Hindenach is the co-founder of Simple. Thrifty. Living. He has a long history of financial journalism, with a background in newspapers such as the San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Examiner, as well as being published in The Huffington Post, New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC, Newsday and The Street. He believes in giving readers the tools they need to get out of debt.


Dr. Elizabeth Schroeter is one of the founders and a regular contributor to Simple Thrifty Living. Dr. Schroeter earned her doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in attachment. Not only does Dr. Schroeter draw on her educational background, she also incorporates her real life experience as a mother of 3 year old twin boys. As a parent she understands the need for accessible quality content, especially when it comes to finance and parenting. Dr. Schroeter resides in San Francisco, California with her family.


Mary Beth Eastman serves as the content manager for Simple. Thrifty. Living, where she is dedicated to helping readers use money and credit wisely. Mary Beth believes that access to the right financial information paired with a growth mindset are essential tools for getting out of debt and building wealth. Mary Beth has a degree in Journalism from Bowling Green State University and has focused her 20-year journalism career on putting readers front and center, carefully considering their concerns and presenting information that will help them in their everyday lives. She has won numerous statewide journalism awards. Her writing on personal finance as been featured on numerous websites in addition to Simple. Thrifty. Living, including Huffington Post and Lexington Law blog. Mary Beth resides in Pittsburgh, Pa., with her family and two rescue dogs.


Sarah Winfrey is a writer by both passion and trade. She’ll tell you she’s frugal by nature but she doesn’t actually know if that’s true. What she does know is that living simply and saving money has paid off in her life, over and over again. When she’s not working, she loves reading everything she can get her hands on, stand-up paddleboarding, and teaching her dog to act like a lady.






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