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Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 31, 2018

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September 30, 2018

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A recent weekend getaway changed the way I will rent cars from here on out. After booking a trip to Portland, and planning on going car less, our plans changed last minute. Trying to find a rental within 48 hours was time consuming and costly. I’m talking almost a thousand dollars for a long weekend. As I was perusing Priceline, hoping and praying for a decent price, an ad for Turo popped up. Not knowing a thing about this company I clicked.

Turo is similar to AIRBNB, only for cars. You are able to choose from over 350,000 cars all over the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. You search by location, and type of vehicles . You can rent anything from a VW Golf to a Cargo Van. Want to drive around in style? There are a number of luxury cars available too. “Look Mom, I’m driving a Benz!”

To book you need to create a profile and provide your current license information, approval is usually instant. If you’re just curious to see what cars are available you can peruse without a profile. When you are ready to book and your profile is created, choose the location and car of your liking. It is simple, fast, and easy.

Given Turo’s reach, the pricing is competitive, and the taxes are much lower. Plus insurance and basic protection is a fraction of the rental car cost. Trying to pinch your pennies? Consider opting out of the cleaning fee and do it yourself.

I find this to be the best part of Turo. For a minimal cost, car owners can pick you up at your chosen location. The owner of the car we rented picked us up curbside at the airport. As a parent of small children, you can’t compete with the convenience. We also were able to return the car to a nearby parking lot and get dropped curbside. After a LONG flight there is no need to lug your children AND luggage on the rental car shuttle bus anymore. Everything is done through the app, so once the owner is done talking you through the perks of the car you are on your way. Which means you’ll be poolside with a beverage far faster than your seat mate who booked through Hertz.

Don’t use your car on the weekends? Have an extra car sitting in the garage? Sign up for Turo and make a few extra bucks. Talk about passive income, all you do is loan your car out for a set amount of time. Plus Turo makes it easy on owners, you’re always covered when someone else is driving your baby.

Regardless of your destination (yes they are in Hawaii), you’ll be able to find a car well within your budget. Happy Traveling!

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