Throw a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

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Last updated January 28, 2021

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February 1, 2016

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Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to have friends and relatives over. Getting everyone together to watch the big game, however, can cost the host a lot of money. Follow these five tips to throw a Super Bowl party on a budget without sacrificing the fun.

Knowing how much money you can afford to spend on your Super Bowl party is the key to limiting expenses. Set a budget before you start planning so you won’t come close to overspending. Also, make sure you keep receipts so you can track your expenses.

Choosing generic chips, pretzels, cookies and other snacks can save you 50 percent or more at the grocery store. Instead of splurging on name brand items, just choose the cheaper option. Most times, the generic brands taste just as good as the name brands. Serve the snacks in bowls, and chances are no one will even guess that they aren’t name brand foods.

You don’t have to make much food for a Super Bowl party. Most people are content with a handful of snacks. If you do want to make something more substantial, then you should put your slow cooker to use. Slow cookers will make it easy for you to prepare inexpensive dishes like mac and cheese, chili and queso dip. Your guests will likely think you spent more money and time than you really did.

Entertaining gets expensive when you purchase alcohol for guests. Instead of spending a lot of money on beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, ask your guests to bring their own. This not only saves you money, but it also makes sure everyone has a chance to enjoy their favorite drinks.

You can still be a great host while asking people to BYOB. Buy a 12-pack of inexpensive beer and a bottle or two of affordable wine. If people show up without their own drinks, direct them to fridge. In most cases, guests will bring enough that you will have some left over at the end of the night.

Realistically, your guests aren’t going to care much about what decorations you use, so don’t spend much money on them. You can find cheap streamers and paper tablecloths at your local party supply store, or better yet — shop decorations at the dollar store. They’re affordable enough that you can buy both teams’ colors without going over budget.

Entertaining guests for the Super Bowl doesn’t have to cost a lot. With these tips, everyone can have a great time, and you will stay under your budget.

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