6 Painless Ways to Save More Money

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 13, 2017

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October 11, 2016

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If you’re struggling to save money, you’re certainly not alone. An estimated 46 percent of Americans would struggle to cover a $400 expense in an emergency. For many, stocking away cash is difficult, especially when comes at the expense of lower living standards. Here are six painless ways to help you save more money.

While you definitely don’t need the latest iPhone, there are certain items you have to buy. Instead of purchasing them from just any brick-and-mortar retailer or ecommerce site, download a price comparison app such as ShopSavvy or BuyVia. That way, you can find the best price on every item and keep more cash in your pocket.

Most communities host free events and activities. Attend one of these instead of forking out money for a ballgame, opera performance or wine tasting event. Whether they be free concerts in the park, networking events or rounds of disc golf, take advantage of social activities that don’t require you to part with your hard-earned cash. You’ll be able to have fun with old friends as well as make some new ones.

From those with introductory zero-percent APRs and no balance transfer fees to ones with high airline mile bonuses, credit cards offer you an effective way to save money on debt, travel and everything in between. Cash-back cards offer you a way to save even more cash, provided you use them wisely. Here is a list of the credit cards with the best rewards.

If you don’t have the credit score to qualify for the rewards you need, you should work on fixing your credit report. You can try to contest negative items yourself or you can hire one of the many credible credit repair companies to help you out.

The average U.S. household spends more than $1,900 per year on gasoline. You can cut that down in a number of ways. Bike or walk short distances. Take public transportation when convenient. Use carpool services to get to work, and trade in your gas guzzler for a fuel-efficient vehicle or an electric one. Your quality of life won’t suffer at all from making these changes.

There are many things you should buy in bulk because doing so is much cheaper in the long run. Among other things, toilet paper, shampoo, office supplies, nonperishable food and vitamins cost less when you buy a lot at once — your savings on purchases can reach as much as 50 percent or more. You can easily buy in bulk on sites like Amazon.

The library isn’t just for bookworms. It’s also for savvy consumers looking to cut down on expenses. Get yourself a library card, and you’ll have access to movies, books, music albums and then some — all for free. Many libraries also hold lectures and activities that not only let you learn new things but also meet new folks from your community.

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