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September 24, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

5 Unexpected Sources For Your Halloween Costumes

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There is a certain level of excitement that rises as the fall season and the Halloween holiday approaches. Much of this excitement centers around what Halloween costume you or your children are going to want to get this year. There are always certainly plenty of costumes to choose from, but prices these days can tend to be a little high, and maybe more than you’d like to spend.

Thankfully, you can easily find plenty of other sources for clothing and materials for your Halloween costume ideas without having to spend a lot. And with a little creativity and plenty of easy-to-find guidance videos available on the Internet, you can create your own Halloween costumes on a budget.

Many thrift stores often contain large amounts of vintage clothing and other items that you can use to create a Halloween costume. Additionally, as Halloween approaches, you can also find several Halloween costumes for purchase in thrift store as well.

The large brand name craft stores have a great supply of products you can use to put together a Halloween costume. The best thing about shopping at the craft stores for your Halloween costume supplies is that they always seem to have sales and coupons for large discounts. Shop wisely with the coupons, and you can really save a bundle on supplies.

Costume too expensive in the store? Try it on, make sure you know what size you need, and then look for it online. Many online stores have the same costume available that the brick and mortar stores do, and sometimes at a cheaper price. You can also usually take advantage of free shipping deals on many sites as well.

Somewhat similar to thrift shops, and another likely source of Halloween costumes as the holiday approaches. There may not be a large selection, but if you get there at the right time you may find something you really like.

Dollar stores today often stock a large supply of holiday-related items, and Halloween is no exception. You’ll find plenty of costume accessories and other items you can use for a DIY costume, all for just … dollars.

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