5 Small Green Living Changes You can Make Right now

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated November 9, 2017

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Simple. Thrifty. Living.

For many people, green living does not happen overnight. Instead, it occurs through a series of small changes until, one day, you are living green and loving it. To get started, forget the car for a trip to the store or library, and slip into a pair of sneakers. (Bonus: you get exercise!) Other changes include getting rid of the bottled water. Here’s what you can do right now to go greener.

Chances are there are places you could walk or bike to instead of drive. The key is to start small; if you are not used to walking or biking long distances, begin with shorter trips and work your way up to longer ones. In the meantime, you’ll be cutting down on environmental emissions, saving gas, becoming healthier, and possibly even supporting local businesses more.

Put down that disposable bottled water right now, and check out some cool reusable water bottles. If you buy a water filter and use reusable bottles, you can not only save the planet but also save a bunch of money.

Polyethylene bags have to be used four times before becoming greener than plastic bags; the number is 11 times for polypropylene bags and a whopping 131 times for cotton. Still, switching to reusable bags is a small change you can make right now. If you are walking or biking to the store, these bags are also stronger than plastic bags. When walking, you could also use a backpack instead of bags, as backpacks are more pedestrian-friendly.

Shoes track in a bunch of things such as pesticides and chemicals from the outside world. Leave footwear at the door, and you’ll keep the inside of your home greener.

Instead of throwing out clothes, books, furniture and more, reuse or donate your items. For example, clothes can be modified into cleaning rags, or you can practice your design skills. In addition, stores such as Goodwill welcome clothing, furniture donations and the like with open arms.

These five changes are small in the grand scheme, but they are definitely a step in the right direction. After you have incorporated them into your daily habits, you can easily make five more changes, and so on. Before long, you might even be the king or queen of green living!

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