5 Reasons Why You Should Travel in January

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Last updated January 21, 2020
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January 21, 2020

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Many people use January as a time to reset, from Dryuary to new gym memberships, this is the month we all attempt to be the best versions of ourselves. Travel is usually the last thing that comes to mind.

After all, most people are looking to pay off those holiday purchases. But, traveling during the month of January can offer you a post holiday respite and it’s much easier on your wallet than Santa was.

There are flour times a year when flight prices consistently drop. These include the first two weeks of December, and most of January. In addition, certain weeks in the spring and fall see a bit of a drop.

Flying after January 7 is where you’ll get your best deals. The price drops include most hotspot locations, even Hawaii. Don’t mind the cold? Many European cities become much more affordable during the winter months.

Also, don’t forget about those travel reward credit cards, you may be able to score a free flight or two.

Not only does January offer a break in flight costs, it is also known for stellar hotel and vacation rental deals. Coming off peak holiday season, hotels are forced to slash prices to fill rooms.

It’s All About Sundays

Rumor has it, you can get even lower prices by booking on a Sunday. If feasible consider adding a Sunday night to your stay. Sunday nights tend to be the cheapest of the week.

Additionally, last minute booking this time of year can also help you save some green.

Hotels and airlines drop their rates significantly in January, due to the fact that there isn’t the demand. Which means more open rooms, and open seats. It doesn’t cost a thing for the hotel to upgrade you. Make sure you inquire when checking in, you may be able to score a suite. Hotels love happy guests.

If you find yourself suffering from those winter blues, a trip to a warm destination may be just what the doctor ordered. Giving yourself this brief break can only help wipe away the stress of the holidays. Allowing you to return refreshed, and hopefully with a bit of a tan.

Like mentioned above, the demand for January travel is quite low. Kids are back in school, and most are back to the daily grind. If you can swing getting the time off, you’ll have more access to all the amenities hotels have to offer. Or want to try that famous restaurant while on vacation? Chances are getting a reservation will be much easier. This also goes for sightseeing, you won’t have to battle other tourists when exploring.

January may end up being your favorite time to travel!


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