August 22, 2019

5 Key Qualities of Legit Credit Repair Companies

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated August 27, 2019

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As with many other industries, there are companies within the field of credit repair that prey on desperate consumers instead of helping them. Thankfully, with some careful research you can weed out those sorts of scam companies and determine if the company you’re considering really helps people or is just trying to make quick profits.

Here are some qualities that are usually associated with true, legit credit repair services:

Companies who provide legitimate services are not afraid to have the Better Business Bureau or others review or audit their credit repair programs. Most real credit repair companies should have some kind of third party information, testimonials, or reviews located outside of their own site that can validate their credibility.

Any real business will want its customers to be satisfied, to help maintain its reputation and bring in repeat clients. If the company has some kind of guarantee in writing, like does, it means that they are confident that their services will work, or at least that they will do their best to make sure customers are satisfied.

Any trustworthy credit repair operation will not use high-pressure tactics to try to get all of your personal information right away. If it feels like they are trying to force information out of you from the outset or using high-pressure sales tactics, this is a good sign they may be a scam and your information could possibly be resold or stolen.

Real credit repair takes time and involves settling existing debts. Some unsavory credit repair companies have encouraged their clients to lie on documents or use a new credit ID. This is marketed as a quick fix, but it may be a stolen or recycled EIN or Social Security number. This is technically illegal and can result in prosecution for the business or even criminal charges against you.

Good, legitimate credit repair companies won’t force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with or anything illegal. They work hard to deliver on their guarantees and they put great value on providing service to you, their customer. Get to know more about legit credit repair companies in our thorough Sky Blue credit repair review. Never settle for a company that won’t put you and your needs first.

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