February 11, 2016
By Jack Ryder

4 Ways to Save on Spring Cleaning

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It’s sunny, temperatures are getting higher and the flowers are starting to bloom. That’s right, it’s time for spring cleaning! While it can be tempting to go all out on expensive equipment and supplies, you don’t need to. Follow these four ways to save and get the same results for less money.

Whether you need supplies such as air filters, toilet bowl cleaners, furniture polish or dust wipes, you can save by buying in bulk online with sites like Amazon. In fact, when spring is just around the corner, companies know what’s coming, and they want to help you out. You’ll find valuable savings on many cleaning supply websites.

It’s not really necessary to own a carpet cleaner, but there is no denying that such gear comes in handy during spring cleaning. However, renting equipment by the hour is nearly as pricey as buying. The solution is to split purchase costs for equipment with a group of neighbors, friends or relatives. Even if you find only one other family willing to split with you, that is a 50 percent discount. If you split costs on several pieces of equipment, you stand to save hundreds of dollars.

When you need used towels and cleaning rags, thrift stores are a great place to shop. You can also find spring cleaning essentials such as buckets and spray bottles there. Another option is to check out your local dollar stores. Many carry name-brand goods, including mops.

One of the best ways to save on your spring cleaning is to start with what you have. For example, do you have old T-shirts you know will never be worn again? Enlist them in your cleaning to replace paper towels, or cut the shirts into pieces so they can serve as rags. Likewise, cut your eraser sponges in half or even in fourths to keep them going for longer. Last but not least, dig out your vinegar, and mix it with an equal portion of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and use it to spotlessly clean mirrors, counters and tile.

A little creativity goes a long way when you need to save on spring cleaning. As you can see, there are many ways to save without missing even one speck of dirt.

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