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March 15, 2016
By Jack Ryder

4 Ways to Save on March Madness Parties

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March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year for college basketball fans. Hosting a March Madness party will give you and your friends a chance to watch the games at home instead of going to a bar.

If you plan to throw a party for this year’s tournament, follow these four tips to help you save money.

Buying a big screen LED TV will easily cost you $500. If you want something better, like an OLED or 4K Ultra HD TV, expect to spend between $1,000 and $5,000.

If you choose to rent an LED TV, you’ll only spend $20 to $30 per week. Even the nicest 4K Ultra HD TVs only cost about $50 to rent.

Make sure you plan a few weeks in advance, since a lot of people rent TVs during March Madness.

Beer and basketball go great together, but alcohol is often the most expensive part of hosting a March Madness party.

Instead of buying bottled beer, wine and liquor, make the party BYOB. That can save you hundreds of dollars.

Since you want to make sure everyone has a good time at your party, you may still want to keep some beers in the fridge. Considering that you can buy a 30-pack of domestic beer for about $20 though, this isn’t a big expense.

Disposable plates and utensils will make it easier for you to clean up after your party, but buying them is basically like throwing money away. You already have plenty of plates, bowls and utensils in your kitchen. Save your money by using them instead of disposable options.

Assuming you have a modern kitchen, you can just put dirty items in the dishwasher. What’s the point of spending money on convenience when you already have a machine that will clean up for you?


Forget about sending paper invitations through the mail. If you invite 30 people to your party, postage alone will cost nearly $15.

Using electronic invitations is far easier, and it’s free. Plenty of websites will show you how to create attractive March Madness invitations that get delivered via email.

You can also invite people via social media sites like Facebook.

You don’t have to go all out to host a great March Madness party. As long as you follow these four tips, you should find that you can have a great time without spending much money.

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