5 Ways to Save Money at Target

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Last updated January 27, 2021

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December 21, 2015

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Target is a great place to find deals. Whether you are shopping for groceries, clothes, toys or electronics, Target probably offers what you want for a lower price. The skilled Target shopper will not rely just on low price tags however, but also on a few choice tactics that will capture the best sales opportunities. The secret, in general, is to use technology to find and create your own best deals. Read below for five ways to use tech to save money on your Target bill.

Target is quite responsible in updating their website with daily deals. Everyone has a habit of waking up in the morning and checking out their favorite websites. Include Target in your daily web review, and you will quickly find that you will be able to satisfy your shopping needs with a deep discount.

Technology makes everything easier, and that includes shopping at Target. Their app, Cartwheel, allows you to find additional discounts, which can be added to sales and discounts you find in the store in addition to any print coupons you find. This translates into massive savings for you. As of December 2015, Cartwheel users saved $404 million dollars through additional in-app savings.

While your smartphone is out to use Cartwheel, use the Amazon app to cross-reference what you are looking to buy with the online distributor. If the Amazon price is lower than what you find at the store, take the item to the service desk and Target will lower the price. You can then take whatever coupons and deals you find on apps like Cartwheel and apply them to the lower price. That could lead to incredibly low prices for the goods you need most.

Choose between a Target debit (works like a check by drawing from your existing checking account) or a Target credit card. These cards offer 5 percent cashback on your purchases, plus free shipping on Target.com, and an extra 30 days for your returns.

If you are organized and a planner, shopping immediately after the holidays can be a great opportunity. Right after holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Days, all holiday goods are put on sale for 50 percent off. Three days after the holiday, related products are cut by 70 percent. Whatever is left is cut by 90 percent a week after the holiday. Grab your Christmas cards for next year, get your Valentines on Feb. 16 and don’t let the turkey get cold for Black Friday when the sales are so much better a couple days later. But be careful — timing is everything. The longer you wait, the lower the price but the poorer the selection.

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