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July 15, 2016
By Jack Ryder

4 Frugal Home Remedies for Stress

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Regardless of who you are or what you do, stress is a part of your life. Sources of stress can come from your friends, family or your job. Too much stress can harm your health, which can in turn cause you more stress. Thus, it is vital that you find ways to destress. In an effort to avoid the financial stress of relying on expensive remedies like spa treatments and exotic vacations, here are a few frugal ways to destress.

When you feel stress, odds are that your fight or flight reflex is activated, creating a burst of energy that can be corrosive. Exercise is a great way to deal with that nervous energy. When you begin to feel stress or shortly thereafter, find a way to go for a short walk. This will elevate your endorphins while giving you time to move past the initial shock of the stressful event. Combining these short bursts of activity with a daily exercise regimen should allow you to minimize the long-term effects of stress as well as improve your mental health.

The advent of the internet and smartphones makes it increasingly difficult to spend any time away from the numerous responsibilities and sources of stress you might have. Taking time away to relax and get perspective is absolutely vital for dealing with stress, but you can’t do that with a phone in your pocket. So every day, set aside some time to step away from all of your digital gadgets for some time to yourself. These brief breaks should allow you to decrease the amount of worry you feel every day.

Stress can cause muscle tension and create toxins within your body. A long, warm bath with Epsom salts, which can be found at a low cost everywhere, can be just what you need to help deal with the physical symptoms of stress. By dealing with the physical symptoms, you can break the cycle and take strides to deal with the sources of stress itself.

Eating while stressed or in any sort of emotional state can be a tricky business. Stress is related to your immune system, and the fastest way to affect your immune system is through your stomach. Stress can cause people to overeat or not eat enough. There is nothing wrong with having a little comfort food in times of significant stress, but moderation is key. If you are still hungry, focus on eating healthy foods that you enjoy and will fill you up.

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