Everyone loves getting free stuff, right? From free samples of groceries and household items to free flights and hotels, the Internet is full of ways to get rewarded with free items, with minimal effort on your part. Below, you’ll find four ways to easily earn freebies simply by doing the things you normally do every day.

1. Free Gas and Groceries

Free gas and groceries might not be as exciting as a free hotel room, but you aren’t going to be vacationing every day, are you? You are eating and driving every day, so getting free gas and groceries is almost a necessity. There are several ways to achieve this, but one of the easiest is to sign up for MyPoints Rewards.

MyPoints is a fun site that is free to join and enables you to earn points by browsing the Internet, shopping or playing short games. When you earn a certain number of points, you can cash them in for gift cards for gas stations or grocery stores.

2. Free Gift Cards to Popular Stores

Earning free gift cards can be as simple as spending a bit of time at your computer each day, filling out surveys. Yes, there are plenty of survey sites that are simply a waste of time and sometimes even just a scam to get your email address for e-marketing purposes. But there are also reputable sites that actually give you cash or points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other products. Three such sites are Swagbucks.com, PrizeRebel.com and i-say.com.

The survey sites are free to join, but you will have to spend some time filling out surveys in order to earn enough cash or points.

3. Travel Rebates

If you expect to be traveling often and like a particular hotel chain, simply join their rewards program. Over time, you will have earned enough points or miles to receive free travel rebates. You can also utilize credit cards that offer travel rewards or free miles.

Additionally, you could make reservations through Orbitz.com. This site gives you Orbitz dollars for every hotel, flight or rental car you book through their site. Over time, those dollars add up to be enough for free rooms or flights. Take the time to check out other booking sites to see what rewards they might offer.

4. Free Cash

Lastly, register an account on Ebates.com and earn cash back just for purchasing things you would normally buy anyway. Before doing any online shopping, simply visit Ebates first, then find the link to the store you want to shop at, complete a purchase and you’ll have earned free cash back!