How Much Health Insurance Will Cost You
July 22, 2019
By Mary Beth Eastman

4 Easy Tips to Help You Cut Costs On Your Prescriptions

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Want to trim your budget on a daily basis? One sure way to do this is by cutting costs on your prescriptions. There are some safe and reliable ways to do this. Here are four of them.

How do mail-order pharmacies save you money? They cut out their overhead expenses, and so are able to sell prescriptions to you at a lower price. If you want to save money on gas or transportation to the pharmacy, this is also a more convenient solution.

Some prescription costs can fit into a health insurance plan or HSA. Just take some time to check with your insurance plan about which types they accept. If you don’t, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money — or both.

Are you eligible for extra help or Medicare? It could be the case, if you’re in a lower-level income bracket. If so, this will save you and your wallet tremendously. To get in touch with a professional who can help with your case and your specific details, simply call Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE.

Some hospitals make it possible for their clients to enroll in discounts or programs offered by charities. These organizations may already be active in your community. Try to talk with your local provider and find out who is allowed to partake of the discounts, medications or healthcare during outreach programs.

If you are in a financial fix, you don’t want your health to fail, either. Don’t skimp on the important things in  life, like medications and your health. Learn how to be thriftier and improve your quality of life by ensuring you have enough savings and a great health insurance plan to cover all your needs.

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