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July 3, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

3 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill With Smart Home Gear

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Smart home devices have become increasingly popular over the last few years. In 2014, the industry sold about $20.7 million of wholesale units. By 2017, the amount had grown to $35.9 million. To some extent, smart devices have become more popular because they’re fun and cool. Many consumers find it exciting to control their thermostats with their smartphones.

Smart devices offer much more than a “cool factor,” though. Try these three ways to save on your energy bill with smart home gear. You may find that your devices end up paying for themselves in the long run.

Obviously, you want your house or apartment to feel comfortable while you’re at home. Most people, though, spend at least half of the day away from their homes. If you have a conventional thermostat, then it will maintain the indoor temperature even when you aren’t there to enjoy it.

Smart thermostats let you program them to conserve energy. Once a smart thermostat knows your schedule, it can lower or raise the temperature while you’re away from home. When you get your energy bill, you’ll notice that you saved money and energy without having to suffer through any discomfort.

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re enjoying a shower, especially when you have a smart speaker that plays some of your favorite tunes while you wash. A smart shower head can help you conserve water and electricity (or gas) by keeping you aware of the time.

The Hydrao shower head changes color to indicate how long the water has been running. When the light changes, you know it’s time to wrap up your shower and dry off. You’ve used enough water, and your water heater has used enough energy keeping you warm.

The Hydrao shower head doesn’t even need batteries to work. It gets power from the flow of water.

Ideally, you turn off lights when you leave a room. In reality, you probably leave several lights on as you move through your home. Sometimes, you might forget about a light and let it burn all night while you sleep.

A smart light or dimmer switch can solve this problem by monitoring rooms for movement. If you haven’t been in a room within a certain amount of time, the smart devices will turn off the lights to save electricity.

Smart devices aren’t fads. They give people so many benefits that they will become increasingly important parts of life. Since they often operate in the background, you can save energy and money without doing anything out of the ordinary Check out more ways smart home gadgets can save you money — your wallet will thank you.

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