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Last updated October 4, 2019

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October 4, 2019

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Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of advertising. Let’s face it, nearly everyone in this modern age has an email address to call their own. A single email address is all it takes for marketers to perform some hardcore marketing magic.

Whether you are  browsing through the sites of a retail giant like Amazon or cruising along the catalogs of an online bohemian boutique, sales are lurking.  The neat little opt-in button planted at the bottom of a sales page is placed to catch your attention.

Getting a Consumer on a Subscription List

Your customers do not need to read your emails from start to finish to be lured to your call-to-action. All you need are strategically placed texts, images, and links to your main site. In fact, once you get someone on the subscription list, they may be as good as won.

However, there are some neat little tips and tricks that might improve your lead conversions. Small business owner? Let’s cover the most important email marketing tactics right here.

Of course, this really depends on your niche. If you wish to sell fishing rods to retirees, it would be best to blast your content during the morning or late afternoon. Working adults your target audience?  It is better to schedule your emails for after working hours or during the weekends.

According to some marketing statistics, the most effective email marketing cases take place on Tuesdays at 10 AM. Before you decide to christen your Tuesdays as official mail day, make sure to double check time zones.

Cyber users are getting more wary about the way online messages are being distributed. Especially, with the spread of fake news and the likes. As an email marketer, double op-ins are your best friend in earning the trust of your readers. Don’t make the mistake of relying on the friendly check box positioned at the bottom of your website. Instead, go the extra mile to create a confirmation email that is sent to your readers once they subscribe.

Confirmation Email

This way, every subscriber is fully aware of their decision to learn more about your brand. Your confirmation email can go on to specify the all your site has to offer. This can include exclusive deals, offers and privileges available to them the moment they decide to come on board.

This is basically a fancy way of saying, “your marketing technique is only as good as your experience as a consumer”. Always test out your emails before blasting them en masse to your intended audiences.

Spelling and Grammar

Once you have received the prototype email, check thoroughly for spelling mistakes, broken links and images that fail to load, before finalizing the real deal. The last thing you want as an email marketer is to group-send sloppy and unprofessional content.

Visible CTA

Email advertising is popular as being one of the greatest advertising tools. With the highest leads generation, subscription longevity and response rates. Other useful tips include adding a clearly visible CTA at the bottom of your emails. This may come in the form on an inline link or captioned image. Always keeping written content at a minimal. Let the main site do the rest of your talking, with a high readability rating for both mobile and desktop formats.

And there you have it, now go forth and conquer with the limitless potential of email marketing.

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