3 Places to Go This Summer on the Cheap

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated February 2, 2021

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April 4, 2017

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When your travel plans threaten to wreak havoc on your budget, you may need to make some key changes to keep your finances in line. Luckily, if you look carefully through the options and think outside the box, you will find many budget-friendly places to travel this summer. You can rely on the ever-changing exchange rate, for example, to boost your dollars and keep your travels going through the season. Here are three awesome places to go this summer on the cheap.

Thanks to Brexit, you can enjoy an extremely favorable exchange rate on your travels to the United Kingdom. While visiting this amazing region, you can eat delicious dishes at the local pubs between trips to the Tower of London, Big Ben, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. To stretch your travel dollars even further, take advantage of free admission at the council- and state-owned museums located throughout this region. Select hotel accommodations on the outer edge of the city center to secure a quiet, comfortable room at an extremely fair price.

You can enjoy the awesome sights throughout Quebec, Canada, without stretching your budget by taking advantage of the excellent exchange rate right now. You can visit the Citadelle of Quebec, Montmorency Falls and the Plains of Abraham to experience the best of this region. The summer season kicks off the long run of community festivals, which often offer free admission — though you may be tempted with the food, drinks and wares available from the many vendors. Try to bundle your transportation and hotel accommodations to save even more money on your trip.

Exchanging your dollars for pesos will definitely help keep more money in your pocket without compromising your travel plans in Mazatlán, Mexico. You can visit fairly priced venues throughout the region to have an immense amount of fun on your own or with family and friends. Make sure to stop by the Aquatic Park and Pecera Oceanica for some waterside fun before visiting each of the beaches along the lengthy shoreline. Shop and dine away from the beachfront to save money on your food, drinks and other wares.

By keeping your travels in budget, you give yourself the gift of stress-free living upon returning home. Your bank account will surely thank you in dividends for your diligence in maintaining a tight travel budget. Once you’re home, seeing your finances in excellent health may even jump-start your savings activities for next year’s summer trips.

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