3 Gadgets That Can Save You on Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 1, 2020

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May 19, 2017

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You’re cool. You always will be. But if the summer heat occasionally makes you wilt, these three gadgets can help you stay cool and save energy as the season heats up. Your air conditioner will run less, and your summer will be more comfortable with these little inventions.

It is cheaper to keep your home comfortable when you’re keeping the cool air inside your home and not attempting to chill the great outdoors. The Black & Decker Thermal-Leak-Detector is a hand-held device that features display lighting to make reading the results easier. You use it to scan around your windows and doors for air seepage.

Once you determine the areas where air can escape, you can caulk the troublesome area. This gadget makes your living area tighter, so your budget will love it –summer and winter.

The Cyclone Register Booster replaces your regular register cover, fitting flush against the floor/wall/ceiling. The Booster’s fan blows the cold air farther into the room. Because the Cyclone uses the cold air more effectively, the air conditioner’s thermostat can be set higher and you save on energy bills.

The Register Booster is suitable for any room of the house but is especially useful if one area gets hotter than the rest of the home because of extra windows or being on an upper floor.

If you have a way to keep yourself comfortably cool this summer, there is no reason your entire home must be kept quite so chill. Your energy cost will decrease as you use the air conditioner less. The Intsun Portable Mini Handheld USB Misting Fan takes personal cooling to a five-star level.

You will be comfortable because of the way fans operate. Your body heat forms a hot layer around you. A fan displaces, or blows away, the heat close to your body, making you feel cooler.

The Intsun Portable Mini is lightweight and easy to carry from one location to another. It has three wind settings and two mist levels, so you can get maximum cooling on the hottest days.

These three gadgets can make you cooler and more comfortable this summer while reducing your energy bills. There are, of course, additional ways to create a more energy-efficient home. Numerous products have been created to block the intensity of the sun, lowering the cost of helping you stay cool. Using these around your home will help you save even more money.

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