3 Awesome Apps Designed to Negotiate Bills for You

Written By Marie Abendroth
Last updated April 19, 2021

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April 19, 2021

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Despite making timely payments and staying on the same plan, you undoubtedly watch in horror as your monthly bills continue to go up and up. Even though your loyalty, most companies covertly raise their rates and keep you paying more than ever before.

Your only rouse of action is to call them up, fight through the phone tree, and gear up for hours of hold time. Then, once you get through, you have to fiercely negotiate for a better rate or be prepared to walk away. Worse yet, all the while, other unused subscription services are chewing through your bank balance, resulting in even more calls and frustration.

But what if you could leave all that behind and cut your bills down to the bare minimum without the phone calls and the fight? Fortunately, a few innovative apps are here to make that dream a reality and save you money. Here are three you’ll definitely want to put to work in handling all your bill negotiations forevermore.

Billshark promises to lower your monthly bills by up to 25% within just two minutes of using their app. They aim to reduce your stress levels, too, by taking the need to negotiate out of your hands.

To get started, you just have to download their app and use their savings calculator to see what you can save. Then, you need to upload your info, so they can review your bills and get to negotiating. During that process, they also let you know about all your monthly subscription charges you’re paying. You can cancel them at that time or get a reminder about them later on.


If their negotiations end up saving you money, they will charge you a one-time fee equal to 40% of the savings on the initial bill. You can also expect to pay $9 for every subscription they cancel on your behalf. However, you won’t pay a dime if they cannot negotiate your bills lower or find any subscriptions to cancel. While you wait for the apps to negotiate bills and work their magic, you can use their free insurance comparison tool.  You can potentially save even more money on your home and auto insurance.

Professional Awards and Customer Opinions

Due to its sheer effectiveness in saving people money on all their bills, Billshark has received many accolades. Including these leading publications:

· Forbes

· CBS Nightly News

· The Wall Street Journal

Their customers are equally impressed with their professionalism, quality of service, and opportunities to save big money. Many of their customers saved hundreds of dollars on their annual cable service, phone bill, and so much more. The fact that they only have to pay a small fee on the initial savings makes them even happier with the service.

With Truebill at your fingertips, you can minimize your monthly bills while staying in direct control of your finances. Their app provides an at-a-glance overview of your cash, card, and investment balances on the first page. Then, it offers a deep dive into your monthly bills, including ongoing subscription services and other debts.

As you see where your money goes each month, you can reclaim some of that cash by having this app negotiate a lower rate on all your bills. They can even get you a refund on past bills if the companies in question agree to retroactively apply the new rate. You will see if you would like to cancel any unused subscription services to save even more money each month.


In turn, you only have to pay their fee if they can get you a refund or savings on your future bills. They charge 40% of your initial savings, letting you take the rest to the bank. If they cannot negotiate better rates, you don’t have to pay.

While waiting for them to negotiate, you can use their app to set smart savings goals of all kinds. The app will transfer whatever amount of money you want into your savings account at set intervals. You can even tell it to wait on the transfer if your balance is under a certain amount. With everything set up, the system will tell you when you can expect to reach your goal.

Professional Awards and Customer Opinions

The Truebill app has been featured by many excellent online and print publications, like:

· TechCrunch

· Money

· Los Angeles Times

Beyond that, its regular users are singing its praises from far and wide. The app helps them find and cancel long-forgotten subs, and then helps them save even more on their monthly bills. All the while, the platform keeps their info safe with its fantastic 256-bit, bank-level encryption.

Installing the Trim app, you can save up to $645 per year on all your bills, subscriptions, and so much more. Unlike the other platforms, they go beyond recurring expenses to see if they can reduce what you pay for credit card interest, bank account fees, and even medical bills.

You just have to sign up for their 14-day free trial to get started. Then, they will get to work on analyzing all your expenses and negotiating on your behalf. Letting you know what improvements they can make, and you just have to authorize the changes. You can also review all of the subscription charges they can find and let them know which ones to cancel.


During the free trial, you get to see how the premium service works. After that, you have the option to pay $99 a year to continue at that level of service or switch to the free version. If you go with the free option, you must pay 33% of the savings you get as a result of their negotiations.

If you pay for premium, you get a whole lot more than help negotiating your bills. Getting unlimited email help from financial planners, automated bill pay services, and help in setting up payment plans. Also, gaining access to a high-yield savings account that pays up to 4% a year on the first $2,000.

Professional Awards and Customer Opinions

Many excellent publications have featured Trim as the leading bill negotiations app, such as:

· The Verge

· Mashable

· Good Morning America

Customers regularly share their positive perceptions of this app, highlighting how much money they’ve saved. Many others applaud the automated savings system as helpful in reaching their goals and breaking them away from living paycheck to paycheck.

Using these apps to negotiate bills, will get you even closer to your goal of true financial independence. You will no longer have to worry about paying too much for the same old service or products you don’t even use anymore. Your freed-up funds can go directly into your emergency fund, retirement accounts, or other savings vessels. Before you know it, your money will be stacking up well beyond your initial goals. In turn letting you set even more optimistic targets in the future.

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