November 13, 2018

3 Alternatives to Medical Credit

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated November 13, 2018

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The price of healthcare continues to rise, which is why many companies offer medical credit. It may seem simple to just take out additional credit to pay for medical bills, but there are many drawbacks to doing so. Instead, look into alternative ways of paying for your medical bills. Here is a look at 3 alternatives to medical credit.

Cash is one of the best alternatives to medical credit. In many cases, people acquire medical credit since they don’t have the cash needed to pay for medical services. However, many people also forget that you can pay for services with separate payment methods. If you want to limit the amount of medical credit that you need, pay as much in cash as you can. That way, you’ll have less responsibility and you can pay down your debt much easier later.

If you need credit to cover the balance of your medical expenses, then focus on using the credit cards that you already have. You can use credit cards in most places including medical facilities. Since you already have credit cards, there is no reason to acquire a new one specifically for medical debt. Plus, you are already familiar with the payment terms, and it could help you build better credit over time.

If you can’t use credit cards or your own cash, you can look into borrowing money to pay medical costs. There are many sources that you can borrow money from, which includes loans from banks and family members. While this may seem like an easy way to pay for medical services, you should be cautious when using it. Like credit, loans come with stipulations attached that can make paying the loan back difficult if your circumstances change. Loans also need some form of collateral in many cases, which means that you could have a lot to lose based on your situation. Be sure to choose carefully when researching the best online loan providers.

If you borrow money from family, you must pay it back promptly. While family members may be willing to help you, you can quickly spoil the relationship by making it difficult and awkward to get the money back when it is due.

There are many different ways to pay back medical bills besides medical credit. The key to finding the right method for you is to do your research. That way, you’ll be fully prepared to handle your medical bills in the future.

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